Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Harini kat ofis,tetiba rasa rindu kat Mia.Rasa mcm lama tak jumpa.padahal baru je hantar dia school.

Maybe saya tak puas spend time dgn dia semalam.tak borak sgt.tak layan sgt dia semalam.guilty as in charge..huhu

Balik kerja semalam lewat ard 6pm..sampai rumah dah ard 6.30pmacam tu.

" Mia play with adik k..dont fight. .mommy nak cook"

"Mia suap by yourself can?mommy nak suap adik first"

"Mia go up first with daddy,mommy nak clean up house first"

"Mia play with mommy hp k,mommy nak shushu adik..adik nak sleep".


"Mia wakey wakey..shower jom..time for u to school"

"Bye sayang..mommy love u..after mommy finish work mommy come and pick u up"

What a conversation kan....benci lah..
Thats why i dont like to cook..time yg saya patut spend with my kids dah xde dah..i hate dpin laundry coz it still kills the time..and i hate cleaning up the house coz i will not have the time to teach my kids. .

Harini confirm saya tapau je..esok baju2 saya hantar dobi..mommy ia all yours today anak2

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