Sunday, April 21, 2013

Second trip to JB..

First trip to JB for Master final year project presentation with my parents in November 2012.
Then last Jan2013, second trip to JB for Final year project report submission with my husband and the kids.
 Alhamdulillah..all went well..
 We stayed at Grand Bluewave hotel JB.
Nice room ..nice breakfast
 Start touring the room
The pool was ok..Its just that it is located on the roof top, so u guys could imagine how windy it was.
So coldd...grrrrr

 Daddy with his little hero
 Proud daddy of two
 Mandi sampai lebammmm
 Getting ready for family dinner..
fefeeling Adam Hawa bajunya
 Friday checked in, Saturday checked out.
On the way back, singgap di JPO.
Macam indah khabar dari rupa je kut.
Most of the things there dah outdated, and the price tak lah murah mana.
Outdated is OK, but kenalah bagi murah2 kan..barulah worth it .

And this guy just happily walking

Isnt this the sweetest thing on melted mommy's heart already.
In Syaa Allah, My third trip to JB will be this coming 6th and 7th May
We will stay at the same hotel , Grand Blue wave.
This time, my parents, my husband, the kids and me will enjoy the convokesyen trip.