Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cute nomore

This picture ia yesterday at IKEA.she so like so gediksss kan..

Hurrrmmm updating myself early on the sunday morning?must be sumtin in my heart that i need to let it go..

Saya tak suka bila some people give more attention to adik than to kakak.saya tahu adik kecik lagi and whateve he did is too to kakak,she tried hard to folo whateva adik is doing but this people asked he to sit still instead..i feel so sedih..

Memanglah kakak dah besar..but at least laugh..or smile whenava she tried to proove sumtin kan.kalau kena kat saya pun sedih.

Kakak ni kena sit still next to me..or i let her busy by giving her pencil and paper..takboleh lah nak buak aksi2 gangnam style..or jadi cat..or jadi horsie..becz in people's shes not cute anymore..

Benda kecik je..but still buat saya terasa..

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