Friday, July 17, 2009

Dress for the Princess

Baby Mia's cukur jambul and akikah will be held at my parents house at Kuala Pilah N9 2/August. So jemput semua ye..
I dont want to botakkan her hair pun..but my hubby's family insist us to do so..urgghhh..its my baby suka hati la nak botak or tak..most prob botak lepas raya..rambut dia nak pakai raya juga.

Oh ye i already bought her dress for that event.cute tak?chumil kan..
mommy will bankrupt soon if continously shopping baby dress like this..seriously i really cant help myself la..even my dress for back to work next two week pun i tak pk dah..pakai je apa yang ada nanti.

daddy bising dah..mommy ckp baju baby for raya..heheh..tapi nanti raya nak dekat kita shopping kaw2 for baby mia kan..

daddy went to watch Manchester training session today.tomorrow pergi tgk match Man u vs Malaysia pula.
left mommy and baby alone kan..boring betul..but daddy already promise to bring mommy and baby mia to mid valley on mia second outing ..

first outing last week sunday to alamanda.alhamdullilah shes being a really good girl.except that mommy too shy to bf her in public..i brougt 3oz of ebm dat day to feed her,but after 1hour je dah nak taknak terpaklah we all masuk A&w..daddy bought himself float (seriously its damn tempting wei dat float..but mommy being a good girl not to drink la.)..mommy faced the wall and start to bf baby mia..hahahha

midvalley tgh sale mothercare..lets jom shopping baju for baby mia daddy (sambil blink2 mata buat muka kesian kat daddy)