Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Homemade Playdough

 Ye..saya ibu gigih yang sanggup mengentel tepung untuk membuat homemade playdough ini.
cantik sangat bila letak food coloring ni..
and boleh buat banyak..boleh main puas puas..
Ye..iam rajin like that.
 And this time adik can play along with kakak
Her favourite game at this moment..
Cutting cuting..pretend play
What are these mommy...its ekkk..eeee... yeeekk
 Kakak dah master her playdough activity already
And he still feel weird..holding this pieces..
Pwetty kakak of mine

"Mommy why it stick on my finger..i cant let it out ..please.. help me"

This is the way how u play with this dough adik..
Let me show u..
hehehe..resipe nak buat homemade playdough boleh gogel ye..