Friday, October 9, 2009

7.5kg at 4month

At 4month My darlink Mia alreadyweight 7.5kg..
0.5kg increment compare to last month..not so much..mb sbb dia dah makin lasak kut..

Today Mia got her first Rotavirus and her first pneumocaccal vaccine..
Schedule for her next appointment is as below

5month Rotavirus second dose
3 serangkai third dose+Hep B third dose

6month Pneumococcal vaccine second dose

8month Pneumococcal vaccine third dose

10month Pneumococcal vaccine fourth dose

Hopefully she will be in good condition forever..mommy already took all the precautions to avoid anything from skang tawakkal n doa semoga sihat anak mommy neh..

esok sabtu..ada 4 open house plan kena delay lg la nampaknya..heheh
have a good weekend k..