Friday, August 28, 2009

Online shopping for raya..

H1N1 didnt stop mommy to buy dress for my darlink Mia...wink wink..
online pun boleh..just ask them the dress size..shoulder and lentgh..and walllaaa...bergaya baby ku with her new dress..

Thanks to Mommy Sara for the dress..i purchased 4 pcs so she gave me free postage tau..wink wink..nanti return customer leh dapat discount lagi k..i confirm the payment yesterday and today parcel pun sampai..

mommy open the parcel dgn rakusnya..and without prewash the dress i put it on baby..heheh.punyalah tak sabar melihat mia with the dress..and hasilnya piccas below la..sampai the last dress dia nangis..hahah..rimas agaknya..
so njoy the pose ya mommies

Dress 1: Mothercare Rainbow Dress (6-9m)

Dress 2 :Secret Garden White cotton lace dress (12-18m)
Suit her body but the dress is too long for her..nama pun size 12-18m bila pakai dah nampak cam long dress..but still cute
Dress 3: Obaibi Pink shirt dress (12-18m)..
siyes kalau for 12-18m pakai..mb jadi tshirt je la..but for Mia still cam dress lagi kan

4. Ladybug Rompers Dress (6-9m)
I really heart this rompers..cute gila..

see Mia's butt got big lady bug...suka suka..

Dress 5: Purple Mothercare Dress (6-9m)
This one didnt come from Mommy Sara..from others online stores..
beli lama dah..tapi tak pakai lagi..ingatkan besar..bila sarungkan dah macam muat2..cepatnye anak ku membesar
Acceli i got a few dress for Mia to pose..tapi dia dah nangis so i guess its time for me to stop from being her fashion designer and her personal photograper..
Its time for her upah la...its susu time..heheh
i did bought quite a lot of Mia's dress from online my advice to you mommies dont believe the stated size like 3-6m..6-9m..asked them the dress size and then u measure ur baby..
Mia just 3month..but she now can fit to even 12-18m size already..


  1. yeay....akan dicopy to my blog,hehehehehe...thanks dear.kisses to mia sbb sudi jd model aunty ya!! time more discount for u,muah

  2. berkenan sgt ler Ladybug Rompers Dress utk my niece..yg baru umur 5bln

  3. mommy sara..ok its a deal,nti ada stock baru plz inform k

    puan razma :beli lah fron mommy sara..rasanya klu ur niece jenis badan kecik mb muat.sbb rompers ni quite besar

    reeva husin:..yerpp..sweet sgt kan

  4. comel2nye baju mia...

    geram tgk. cam budak besar bile pakai baju2 camtu. hehehehe..

  5. wah cantiknya baju raya dia, salam perkenalan dari luqman juge

  6. ezan..
    tulah..pocket mommy dia la yang kering..dok geram baju2 baby gal yg cute miut ni

    ummi luqman,
    salam perkenalan..thanks for drop by

  7. alahaii comel2nye baju..lagi comel bila mia pakai..