Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Post Happy and Tak berapa Happy

Tak tau ni post happy or tak happy sgt..
My darlin Mia changed her sleep routine..
After her evening bath at 6.30pm..she will sleep until 8pm..(tdo time maghrib mmg fav dia)
Then she will be awake until 12.30am..
kalau leh main sorang2 takpe lagi.separation anxiety i guess...
i have to be with her..and she need to see me by her side in every second..
kalau tak uwaaaa..uwaaaa..uwaaa..nangis tahap level 10 punya..takde warning2 ehek ehek lagi dah..
imagine la from 8pm until 12.30am kena layan/play/talk/sing to her..
its fun to dat for one hour..but 4 hours straight???i dont think so.
if daddy came back early than mommy can do house chores la..
kalau tak..have to wait until midnite than this cinderalla can go to kitchen doin all the leftover works..such as clean the bottles, fill in the ebm into the bottles for tomorrow..laundry..and mb a light snack (butter cookies kira light ka?...hahah)

The happy part pulak she will sleep like an adult after that.oni woke up for milk at 6.30am..hahahah...bagus kan..mommy daddy can have a very good nite sleep at need to wake up every two hours like before..waahhh..shiokkk ooo...

i read on susu ibu forum ,the best breast milk with full of fats can be consume from 12am darlin mia takdapat la rasa the bestest mommy's milk lidat kan..takpela..too much fat is not good..hahah..future supermodel doctor kenalah jaga badan sket kan..hihih

Today lunch i went to Mia's nursery to feed my suprise,last week one baby got already 3 babies selsema..uwaaaa...takootnya..My darlin Mia is the last man standing yang tak flu lagi..pray hard that she can fight that flu virus..hopefully my BM can provide enuff immune for her..this friday will be her 2nd month check..and she will have her first rotavirus dose...
pneumococcal mb next month kut..lagi cepat lagi bagus..

on yer one more thing that i observed in Mia'sa nursery is that on how they tidurkan the babies..ya allah kuatnya tepuk belakang baby ni..both hand pulak tu..kesian betul...bunyi tau everytime they tepuk their back "pappp..papp.pokkk" sumtin lidat sound la...and the babies somehow tidur juga..i dont know the babies tdo bcoz of syok kena tepuk..or tak tahan sakit kena tepuk..haihhhh...sodih sodih kalau pk pk kan pasal ni..tapi apakan daya....