Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mia dah ok..alhamdulilah

Alhamdulilah my darlin Mia dah sihat. No more fever . Just a lil flu..
Thanks to all your prayer mommies..Mia heart all aunties k..

I have obsession on Mia right now..if possible i want to be with her all the time.
Like today i have morning and evening class..usually,my morning class will end on 12.30pm and my evening class will start at 2.30pm..that mean i have 2 hours for lunch break and feeding Mia at her nursery.
Lucky me..heheh..my student request to finish class early due to they have final exam on the evening..
hati riang cam nak lompat lompat..ekekek..
i end the class at 10.30am..did my morning pumping session at the office (hasil tenusu is about 5oz..alhamdulillah rezeki Mia)..then i staight back to fetch Mia ..
We reached home at 11am..nyeh nyeh..
After bf her and me myself pun tertido kejap..
Cook myself a simple lunch..and here iam now..telling u all the nonsense that i did today..hahah..
i still have two more hour to go b4 my evening class..
thats mean i have to send Mia back to the nurserry again..
Hate it..but wat to do...
Kan best kalau kita ni macam kangaroo..
wheneva we want, we can put back the baby inside our tummy..
so if i have to go to work..i just put Mia inside my tummy and iam ready to teach..


  1. yeay.alhamdulillah.tulah...i pun rasa nk jugak letak dia blk dlm perut kdg2 hihihi...anyway...kiss2 to mia.gud baby cpt sihat

  2. Sehat dah... Alhamdulillah.
    Cuba ko carik poket macam kangaroo, boleh masukkan dalam poket bawak pegi keje. :)

  3. sara,
    baby minum susu mommy mesti cepat sihat..ekeke

    dapat carik cam poket doraemon lagi best

  4. bila mia dah besa ni, kenampakan kebapaan sangat muka dia ni.. kan kan? nak bapak la ye..

  5. sama laa kita, kalo boleh nak berkepit je ngn anak!!!! takmo dah buat apa apa heheheh. golek golek baca komik atas katil ngn baby@!~

    (nanti describe kat i nak header cemana .. email me at rumadatme_g@yahoo.com)

  6. betul2..sy pon kalo bleh nk camtu..hahaha..bleh sentiasa ade ngn anak..

  7. ala..ciannye die..aleesya pon baru baik dr demam..cian kan tgk bb demam..rase nak amik je demam dr dia..

  8. salam..alhamdulillah mia dah sehat...am working on ur photobook already...insya allah sok lusa leh send sneak peek to u, kalo dah ok leh proceed payment k ;)