Friday, October 25, 2013

Cheap cotton silk for sale

Accept order until this sunday 27/oct/2013 only.

RM60 sepasang

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anak anak

In 5minute they can be best friend to each other..and the next 5 minte they can hate each other just like dat.


They can be this sweet with each other.


Try try lah juga pakaikan diorang with matching matching outfit.
Tapi susah la..color lebih kurang samaje boleh.

Sama sama active.
Sama sama melasak.
Sama sama pulun tak ingat

Apa pun kakak buat..adik tetap pengikut setia..
ikut je apa kakak buat.

Anak anak saya yang paling comel..
yang paling cantik..
Dear love of life..
One day u will find that each of you annoy each other,
One day you may feel that you deserved much better  brother/sister.
Please remember..that you are sharing the same type of blood.
You came from the same source..the same oven..
Mommy love you so much..

Monday, October 21, 2013

Journey from Kuala Pilah to Bangi

Daddy is off for businesstrip lets jom kids balik kampong.
Yesterday morning, we heading back to bangi again..
Its started with good sitting position complete with seat back. and sturdy!

Then it going lower and lower..hahah
This position journey baru sampai bukit putus.

This one sampai Toll senawang

This one dah kat highway seremban-Jb

Then sampai Bangi..
Terus hantar Mia ke sekolah..
Apa lagi,member baru bangun terkejut tido.mood tara baik..
maka melalakk gajah kena tinggal..aduyaiii kakak..
mommy love u k..

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baik baik

My Umar Dani is now 1year and 9bulan
Another 3 more month he will hit lucky 2 ..
Dah besar dah anak bujang sepet saya itu.
Anak bujang yang super lasak.
Panjat sana sini
Lari lari non stop
Kalau kat rumah sendiri, takpe.
Sebab rumah saya semua furniture dah tolak ke dinding.
Tapi when it comes to balik kampong or visiting friends and relatives
Here comes the trouble.
Saya takut tgk dia lari lari.
Saya takut dia terjatuh tersembam ke lantai
Saya takut dia terjatuh terhatuk di bucu2 dinding or even perabot
Nightmare ok.
Memang memenatkan untuk ikut je bontot dia mana dia nak pergi.
Letih oooo being traumatic like that.
If only i can hold sit with me..
Just sit down and we will have mom-son talk
Playing with my hand..and just talk...
Alangkah nikmatnya...
Boy will alwiz be boy
He will scream..and struggle to let go from my arms.
He want his freedom and play around with his sisters and brother.
But I just that what if?
I cant control him forever..and he is only 1+
That's what I want him to turn up right?
I don't encourage my kids to be obsessed on IPAD or TV
So they don't like those two either now ..
They like to kick ball, play with the physical toys and also they love doing the physical activities as well.
So good job me.
Penat wei!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

" I-miss-u-daddy " face

I asked them to do i-miss-u-daddy face just now.
And they come out with this..

They really misses daddy dat much.

Arent they the sweetest thing in the world..

It is to me.

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Longkamara Mommy.. *not*

Iam not the type of mom who like to shout or marah2 to my kids.
What I did was to just keep quite or give them a silent treatment wheneva they are not in control.
But this few weeks..
I have night classes to teach.. My husband was away for businesstrip
Full classes Morning and afternoon.
Toys business to handle.
And all this make my "blood always go upstair" everytime they threw tantrum in the house..
Im not being myself anymore..
I scold Mia most of the time ..
I will scream whenava adik climb the stairs..table.. and sofa..
 Iam like the angry lion chasing for the victims to eat in the house..
Until Mia come to me and said..
" Mommy I got a new name for you"
Whats that?
" It mean Mommy always angry to that's why mia call mommy Longkamara"
What the hell on earth is Longkamara?
Long= Panjang?
Ka= short form for suka?
Mara= Marah?
Mommy suka marah panjang panjang?
I want to cry.. *NANGES*
Menyesal tak guna..Nasi sudah menjadi bubur..Bubur sudah masak.
Iam not gonna be this Longkamara mommy anymore..
Its payback time..
Ok lets jom Mia... This Friday..
You and Me
Having Mommy-Daughter together.
So sape nak playdate with us?