Sunday, August 16, 2009

Susah hati

Baby Mia had a fever this morning.
37.8 her temperature on 7am..after i gave her fever n flu medicine..her temperature drop to 37.3
but it still worry me to death.

She mumbling even louder this morning..mb she want to tell me that shes not well.
"Mommy faham sayang..i will give everything in this world just to get u well again"
It makes me cry to see her in dat condition.sedih sangat2..

Daddy took his emergency leave just to take care of my Darlin Mia.
Coz i had a class this morning.With such a heavy heavy heart i went to work.
I asked En.Laling to take her temperature every half an hour.
To my relieved, i received sms from en.laling saying that Mia temperature already drop to 37.
thanks god..

Tak sabar nak habis class ni..i cant give my 100% while teaching this class now..
Hati risau..hati runsing..macam2 pk..
I have one parents.
I have one brother.
I have one big sister
I have one younger sister.
i have one husband
and i only have one baby.
If sumtin happen to any of them..i will be the most miserable person in this world.
I pray..and i pray hard for Allah to protect all this precious person in my life to be in good health condition forever..
To all mommies...pray for darlin Mia to get well soon occay..


  1. auntie doa baby mia cepat sihat k..budak demam ni memang merisaukan..

  2. tenkiu auntie farah..risau bebtul kan

  3. ya Allah..mudah2an Mia cepat sembuh..Mamasue doakan Mia sihat2 selalu..cian Mummy Mia sgt risau..dh bwk gi klinik..?

  4. tenkiu mamasue..dah bawak 2 clinik..pagi g clinic biasa..petang g specialist terus..alhamdulilah mlm ni demam dia dah ok..just selsema tinggal sket..

  5. aunty ezan doakan Mia cepat sembuh..

    byk2 pegang/peluk n bf dia.. dulu masa sarah demam pun ezan buat camtu. maybe dia rasa comfortable kot. memang sgt2 sedih kalo tgk anak kita demam kan. but strong ok. doakan cepat sembuh.. amin... :)

  6. baby mia...cepat2 sembuh ya...kesian mummy risau.rafiq pun tgh demam dear.sbb baru lepas inject.merengek je nak peluk2...anyways...take care ya!u sihat, baby pun cepat sihat.muah

  7. Kesian Mia... *pat-pat*

    (btw, nak header baru kah?) *ehem-FOC-ehem*