Thursday, February 19, 2009

Confinement Set of Tropical Herbs Amway

Just received this set from a fren of mine this morning. Still 2 more month to go, but i already prepared myself for the bersalin set..yeahh..its just me..i like to prepare things early so i wont forget about it later.Better ready than sorry aite. Set bersalin is really important for new mother to recover soon and slim faster. So after been reading from the internet about set bersalin, i choose Tropical Herbs Amway. From others experienced, they said this set wont effect the baby especially the jamu. the flabby tummy would lose faster and the recovery process is effective. I hope i would have the same effect also..slim fast..slim fast..slim fast...

Member price for set RM215. One big box with full of the obat obat(Post Natal Care) and another box is filled with binder or bengkung. As what i heard this benkung is very easy to use,and we can wear this benkung by ourself. (Not yet try ..but i will try tonite with laling..hahahah).

One reason i buy this set this month is due to the promotion..heheh..i get this Fry Pan from Teflon for only RM15..(retail price RM130)..hahah..i am so cheap..can easily terpengaruh with stuff like this..

Bengkung is very important to cut the fat around the tummy and waist. To get a smaller me again i have to wear this benkung for the whole 60days of my pantang period..or if i want to get the better effect, i have to wear the benkung for the whole 100days..24-7..hahaha...susahnya nak kurus..and for sure it will feel not comfortable at all wearing this binder. But again, my determination to get slimmer is bigger than the comfortable feeling. So if nak seribu boleh!!

Calming Herbal Blend..or in Malay we call it pilis. Function to cool and soothes the forehead..Extremely useful for mother who are prone to headaches due to lack of sleep and tiredness in coping with the confinement and the newborn...
How to use..add with water and apply kat forehead..easy.

My second fav thing is this firming firm and strengthens abdominal muscles and tissues..which may become flabby after delivery..
How to use: mix with water and apply at tummy area..then wrap with benkung..easy also

Herbal usual to refreshes,revives and re-energises the body from top to toe..
How to use..boil with water and use as a bath water..(if ada jakuzi kat kampung kan best..leh berendam with this herbal bath)

Herbal Douche pula is to keep the vaginal area clean and prevent infection...
How to use..boil with water and use it as "cebok"..hahhah.easy kan..mak like...

My not so fav thing among the list is this herbal tea...i can imagine how bad it will taste..wek wek..But its very useful to cleanses the system..improve blood circulation and alco accelarate healing of stiches..sound good rite..but taste ver2 bad..wait for another 2 month and i let u know how bad the bad is..

And here comes the pills..After Birth Pills 1 is to restores energy and promotes lactation..more milk..more milk for baby..
After Birth Pills 2 pulak is to help the new mother regain her figure..wahhh....this is my first fav thing now...suka ini..suka ini..

Warming Herbal Blend or in Malay we call it param..(param=pasar ramadhan??)..hehehe
This herbs is to help warm the body especially the hands and feet...promote blood flow to the skin etc..
how to use: mix wit water and sapu satu badan...(macam bedak sejuk la)..sure bersepah rumah bila bedak dah kering kan..
Now comes the oil..
Herbal massage oil is for mommy to expel wind and relaxes the body..
Baby oil pula for baby to relieves wind and colic..
mummy massage baby..but sape nak massage mummy...wheres daddy??..dah merajuk massage oil dia takde...daddy massage guna minyak angin cap kapak dah la eh..heheheh
Hah..banyak kan barang2 obatan dia..thats why la price quite expensive..sbb this confinement set is complete set for a new tak sabar am i to wait for my BP turn..tak sabar juga nak guna this confinement set..tak sabar nak kurus..tak sabar nak tengok baby...
2 and a half month= 10 weeks = 70days = 1680hours = 100,800 minutes = 6,0480,000 seconds..wahhh..lamanya lagi...sabar2..enjoy the moment of being pregnant..enjoy the moment of being fat...ahahah..

My BP Medela Freestyle

BP=Breast Pump
As a working mommy i need to have a good BP to express milk for my baby.Yup, i already decided that i would fully breastfeed my baby until shes turn 2, since iam in my 4month pregnant. Thanks to my good fren Nabeelah who start this BF obsession for her baby.

After doing some researched on the internet, i decided to buy the best high end BP in the market. So i choose Medela Freestyle with a price of RM1700..I know its quite expensive..but a good things alwiz come with a price rite..once again, everything for my baby...

And i know too, it will be too much if i pay RM1.7K cash. Beside all the baby stuff that i need to name a few such as baby cot, stroller, car seat, etc..which of coz will need such a big money to buy them in one shot. So,for this best thing of BP, i joined this 'Freestyle Kutu' in order for 10 not so rich people to own this gadget..
I start this kutu since November 2008
Nov 08 : RM160
Dec 08 : RM160
Jan 09 : RM160
Feb 09 : RM240
Mac 09 : RM240
Apr 09 : RM130 (My turn)
May 09 : RM160 (My due date)
June 09 : RM160 (My pantang period)
July 09 : RM160 (My pantang period)
Aug 09 : RM160

Total all together is RM1730. So far so good. Cant wait for my turn to receive this BP.
Why Freestyle Medela BP?..If that a question that i need to answer will be as below

1. A very light gadget to carry around.
2. Double pump and hands free kit
3. Dual phase expression technology that is mimic a real baby sucking.
4. Chargeable battery like handphone.

And why i choose to fully BF for two years..easy question with an easy answer..No formula milk can be compared to mommy milk..Breast Milk will alwiz the best milk for baby. Plus i heard i can slim down fast if i BF my baby..heheheh..

I hope i can be the mom with milk..i hope i can expressed enough milk for baby. Baby would be more healthy and cleverer with breast milk compared to formula milk. I just hope i can be that type of mom. Eventho i know it will surely be tough for working mom to fully bf her baby. I heard complained from nabeelah on how her production became not so active lately. How stressed she was all the her determination make me so eager to become that type of mom.owhhh..cant wait ..cant wait..
Above is my laling and me at my 27 week preggy..see how bulat my laling as usual very the susah to take his picture...cant even look at the camera to give me the pose...

My first entry

This is my first trial of having a blog ..i am not sure how long this blog will survive,but i just hope that the journey will be always on the post. I am not a diary people, but i love to write.i have so many things thats on my mind that i love to share.So lets just the time tell..

I am now in my 27 week..times seem so fly so damn fast..i still remember the day me and laling went to clinic (Clinic Zalfah in Bandar Baru Bangi)during ramadhan last year. i had a slight stomach cramp..and the doc asked me to do the pregnancy test(yup..i pee on a stick)..the result is positive..yeahh!!!.. After 6 month of waiting, we are so happy to hear the doc told us that i am in my 5th week of pregnancy..

No word can pictured our feeling that time..the joyable so yeah..yeahh..and yeahh..hehehe...thats how happy we are..

Above is my baby at 5 month old..we can see the head,the hand,the leg and of coz the tummy..Shes still a very small todd..her weight is 282g and the height is 168mm. Yup a very active baby already..i can felt the kicking and the boxing whenava im lying down resting.

Eventho baby weight is only 282g..mommy already gained 3more kg this month...sobsosb..why why why..from 56kg before pregnant..i am not a big whale of 68kg at 5 month of pregnant.

At 6 month pregnant, baby had double her weight and her height..(still baby girl) shes about 575g and 210mm..and mommy as usual gained her weight more than baby.this month im scale myself at happy for baby to grow healthily inside of me but im just sad as i grow together with her..i cant accept myself to be this big as im just a skinny hot gal before..but ..everything for my baby.. week i will be 7 month preggy..and i am still growing..i try to cut down by rice intake this month. Try to eat less santan food..and just hope the best for baby..Mommy will alwiz do the best for her baby..Not only my figure i sacrificed for her but of coz my obsession on high heel. No more high heel more sexy me ...huehue...

Baby actively playing futsal inside of me..Even daddy can feel the kicking and the boxing already..Cant wait for 10 more weeks to come..