Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Serikandi 5T Gathering

Gathering after 11 years we left STF..not so much changes from anyone..accept some of us are married and with the kids..and some still singgle

Venue: My lovely house
Time : 1.30-5pm
Theme: Pot Luck

First arrival from Mazia bibir love..11am with all the ingredients for Laksa Penang ..a good cook...and together with high technology of my kitchen cabinet+hob+hub make the laksa so yummy..hahahaha

Then 1.30pm, Inas came with hubby and adorable baby aishah..
Food: sate kajang samuri..

Asz with baby Ayn came with blue berry cake...i still cant believed this 360 degree asz dah ada 6month old baby gal..and she still like the old asz in STF..still a bit clumsy n blurr..hahaha

Then we have one of my pengapit..anirah with Mr.anak mami..ehem..ehem..so happy seeing her with this sweet guy..so happy when i know shes with somebody now..like anirah said..still too early to say..but shes got my blessed..hahaha..
Anirah brought us another cake from secret recipe..Cheese oreo..nyum nyum..i like ...

Hasni che'siput..the polisi..came with hubby and the sleeping liltle prince..heheh..last minute baru this boy bangun and acted a bit cranky..mb bcoz of the unfamilar place and unfamiliar people kut..hasni still gebu as she is..her cheeks very2 the soft tau masa we all kissy kissy..hahahah
hasni made us sandwiches and fruit..

The sexy Doctor joining us next..Arline came with mee goreng, karipap n keropok..bila nak kawen ntah la..hopefully ur turn after elina ok...

The smiley anirah..raba my tummy ni..geli ok..heheh..for sure dlm hati dia ckp ,"the biggest 7 month tummy i've even seen"...huehueh..

Am obet suprisingly came with hubby..3yrs aliya..and shes 7 month preggy..another mate for my darling baby..
Am, bawak apa ye??..oh ye..Ice cream..3 bijik ice cream..still left 2 pcs in my freezer ..anyone nak share the ice cream can come to my house.. sementara stock masih ada..
baby aliyah very2 the ganas..different gila attitude dgn am..

See my tummy above..hahaha..laugh it as u can ..huehuehu...kenapa ?..tak percaya ke?..i told u guys how big i am now kan..believed it k

i really enjoyed my day..gelak tak hingat dunia..updating each of us about ourself..seem like we still at sweet 17 kan...miss the good old days in tun fatimah.. hope there will me another reunion with more 5T member in the future.
Thank you guys for coming..sayang korang..muaaahhhh...

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  1. betnyer jumpa kawan2 lamer...eh ko stay area mana huda? nanti aku link blog ko kat blog aku k? bleh ker?..hehe