Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy First Anniversary to us

wahhh...mcm tak caya je..its already one year iam being married to my laling..time flies so fast kan..feel like yesterday im surfing all the wedding preparation stuff..feel like yesterday i heard the word "sah" from all the saksi..

my love towards him still fresh..still the same feeling like the first day i felt in love with him..hurrmmm... Dear sayang..

Happy First Anniversary..
i cherish the moment we are together..
i will miss u whenava ur in the office..
i will miss u whenava me and baby alone in the house waiting for u to come back home..
i will miss u whenave u had to do ot until late night.
i will miss u whenava u go kayuh with ur frens ..
i will miss u whenava im not with u..
People alwiz said, that to deliver a baby is a live-dead moment.. not make it .. not survive..
IF..umur tak panjang..

Promise me..
That will take care of our daughters/son with all the love in the world
That you will remember and love me forever
That you will tell our daugters/son how much i love him
That you will take care of yourself like i care for you now.

I promise you sayang,
i will try to be strong..i will try anything and everything for us and our baby,to stay together forever ok..

I love you so much sayang...muaaahhhsss...


  1. Yuda,
    Congrats on your anniversary.. Jaga diri and baby baik2 ok ;)

  2. yuda,happy 1st anniversary..kau tak gemok mcm giant pon time pregnant..kurus je..tipuuuuu ehh..

  3. tak gemok?..aku skang berat dah 73 kg tau..b4 preggy ard 58kg...dah 15kg aku naik dah ni..baru 30week..tunggu lagi 10week..