Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gambate post to my good fren Beel..

Dear Beel,
I know, its been so tough for you lately.
I know, its a tough decision for u to give up BM for FM.Eventho for only one tin..
And i know too ,u already tried your very best..
But once again, mommy will do anything and everything to make sure her baby well feed..
To make sure her baby healthy..and happy..
Baby Aliyah will understand..dont worry ..dont be sad..i know she will
But..the most important thing...

Keep on pumping..

Your determination inspired me a lot..

Lets pray..lets pray hard..for today output will provide Baby Aliyah enough milk.

Insyaallah.. i know you will..I will support you from here..

Just relax and keep on pumping babe..

Breast milk is the best milk for our baby..

Gambate kudasai Beel-san..

1 comment:

  1. holla...ni ani la.. haa slamat menerjah ke alam blogging ...ani nampak kat wishlish sebelah tu nakkan moms precious breast milk storage bottle kan.. u can have mine.. tak nak guna langsung.. eh tak.. guna satu je.. tapi kotak takde, dah buang. ok? kalo nak nanti ani letak umah mama.. bebila ida free datang la amik k..

    nway feel free to drop by : amaniaris.blogspot.com

    k take care