Sunday, March 15, 2009

My weekend activities feets hurt so badly..luckily tomoro evening class oni...
Last weekend was pack with so much heavy name a few..
Friday nite..Befday celebration for my abah..of coz got a small BBQ party for him...

"Selamat Harijadi ke 61 abah..semoga sihat2 selalu,dipanjangkan umur and dimurahkan rezeki."

Saturday afternoon pula, we had some kenduri doa selamat or tolak bala for me..its tradisional and peope used to call it as " Berlenggang perut"..especially for 7 month preggy mommy..tired gilak..standardla kenduri mom and the rest of the family woke up at 4am that day to prepare all the foods..Me of coz la woke up at 7am baby need 8hrs beauty sleep la..hahahah..lazy bump betul
Kenduri menu:
1. Kari kambing
2. Rendang Hati lembu
3. Masal Lomak cili padi ayam kampung
4. Gulai Lemak labu.
5. Dalca
So many super duper fattening yummy food for everyone..and of coz for me

To my suprise, everyone (including the bidan kampung) told me that it is a baby boy..waaaaa...betulke...they said,from the shape of my tummy they can tell that it is a boy..hahaha..luckily mommy baru beli one pink dress for baby..

kang tak pasal2 jadi case like my sister in law and my cousin Along ani which until last minute scan,doc told them that it still a gal..but keluar2 turn up baby boy..tapi acctually i dont mind pun boy or gal..if it a boy, than good la.bcoz, leh jadi leader for the family...but if it a juga...coz mommy can buy those cute liltle dress for her..hehehe..

On Sunday, me and laling heading back to Bangi after lunch..but not straight back la..menyinggah to not one but two baby fair..
One at The curve :Metrojaya Baby Fair
Another one at Cheras Leisure Mall : Kiddyplace baby fair..
I will tell u about my shopping activities tomoro in another post k..for now, mommy very2 tired..and need her sleep..
till then folks...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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