Monday, March 2, 2009

Kaise san n Ishii san farewell dinner

Felt like im still part of Sony Mecha member during this farewell dinner. Eventho its almost 3 month i bid farewell to Sony, but all the familiar faces joining that dinner make me feel same old..same old...
To my suprised kakak Adrienne also 4 month pregnant ..she will be due in August..thats mean my darling baby will be same age with her baby..only different by month..

Mecha as usual shrinking than,elaine,tham,adi,yan make the dinner merrier by joining it as resigned team..hahah..

The whole bunch of mecha and x-mecha taking photos together..i really missed this kind of activity..cant never find it at GMI i guess...hope laling wont resign sony i can still join this mecha activities in the future.

See my laling's face color below..from choclate now turn to dark choclate...thanks to his bike riding schedule la kan..every saturaday from early morning to late banana boat is not helping pun..

my laling with his futsal team mate yan..big news from him..he will tied the knot by this very the fast ye all the gals out there, this ensem yan is no more available for u..cry on

Laling with Ishii more car to supplier after this..

Laling with papa akram.

Laling with his favaorite boss..the good boss among all the japanese i worked with..

Eventho i came at last minute..but still i enjoy my activities later, i will come with my darling baby ok..

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