Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Shopping

Shopping for first baby is sumtin that i look forward to ..hehehe..i went to almost all babyfair n baby warehouse since last January..iam not really sure how much i spend for baby stuff already..but it surely a lot..konon nak yang the best la kan..first baby memang lucky..all new stuff for her/him..

Last Sunday, as i mentioned in my previous post i went to 2 baby fair..

On 4.30pm we reached The Curve Damansara..Ada Ikea sales pun we buat punya pasal kan..

dah lama target this fisher price Newborn Baby Rocker...
Retail Price RM349..after 10% discount i paid RM317..
actually got two type of is " from infant to toddler Rocker" price after less is RM249,another one is From Newborn to toddler Rocker" price after less is RM317..
The cheaper type tuh,the seat incline/decline is not suitable for i choose yang mahal la kan..ada free gift lagi

Best tau this rocker..
- first can be use from newborn to toddler (18kg)
- Calming vibrations and gentle rocking motion help comfort and soothe baby.
- Versatile seat angles add comfort for different age babies, from infants to toddlers!
- activated music and rattles offers auditory stimulation
- Bright colors and patterns stimulate your infant's visual sense.

Last but not least, the pad is washable and easy to fold for travel..
See,mommy did her homework b4 bought this expensive stuff..hopefully baby will use this gadget until she/he turn 3 years old..baru leh gain the ROI..hehehe

On 6pm we left The curve and heading to my next baby fair. We reached Cheras Leisure Mall on 7pm..traffic jam biasala..

Spend another RM200 for baby clothing, baby legging,baby head support, blanket and bought cloths yang blue/green/choc color oni that day..tak berani nak pick the pinky one lagi..geram nya nak beli cute dress for baby..or pink clothing..sabar je la

Reached home almost 9pm that day..a very tiring day for me n laling...but memang puas hati and happy..especially the fisher price gadget tuh..

Tenkiu my sweet laling sbb sudi temankan me n baby go shopping to two separate locations that day..muakkkkssss...

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