Sunday, March 29, 2009 Daddy drop

This weekend ..till daddy drop..heheheh

On Saturday..due to Sony working day (thanks more saturday working day for me anymore) me ajak my Angah went to Ampang Point for Mom's Care Sale..more baby cloths and toys for baby and its all paid by Angah..thanks you my dearie sister..

Me choose more rompers and tight for baby dat day..i think i had enuff cloth for baby more cloth afer this..hehehe...(since last week i did mentioned no more baby cloth kan)..but its so tempting when u see all the cute cloth..cant resist..cant resist..if only i know that my baby is baby Gal..sure dah lama i choose all the pinky pinky cute cloth dah..

On yer.Saturday its Earth day...On my way back to Bangi from Ampang, i did noticed only 40% of Malasian participated to off the light..lampu jalan oso bright like usual the earth people!!!

On Sunday pula, Laling n me went to Mid Valley.hhehehe..asyik berjalan je keje gue ni..more baby stuff but no more baju la kan..nak pergi tengok pun En.Laling dah tak bagi..apatah lagi nak beli..kejam tau..

Jusco got sales i bought this Little Bean Steriliser and Warmer. Normal Price RM199,After 20% discount i got RM159..murah ok..nak beli Avent mcm tak just grabbed the cheapest and multi function one la..

What else i bought here..hurmm..ok Baby bathing stuff, except for the baby shower pail (Already out of stock).. all the lotion,powder,shower gel, baby wipe etc..etc..nampak sikit je barang but add together dah almost RM300..thanks you daddy for being so baik..daddy paid without complaint to mommy tau..mb sbb no baby cloth inside the trolley kut..heheh

5pm we cabut from Mid Valley and straight went to Sungai Buloh for Umaira's 3years befday party.. Food menu was so yummy yumm yumm..And i ate like there is no food for tommorrow..heheh..

We reached home at 11.30pm last nite..did the laundry and Zzzzzzzzz...I love my weekend..i love En.Laling..and i love my baby..

At 32week, can see the baby squirming already now...and its look so weird tho..seeing something moving moving from your tummy..hehehe


  1. amboii amboii..banyaknye shopping..jeles jeles..

  2. wah dah 32 weeks yer huda..tak lama lagi dah kan..boy or girls? suspen

  3. shikeen,
    heheh..jgn jeles tau saya shopping byk2..itupun dah kena sekatan kat laki ku itu..
    adasatu round lagi kut nak menshopping pas ni.
    pastu dok rumah je la jaga baby..
    hehehe..geram gila tgk baju baby skang ni kan..rasa mcm nak borong je..dah la aku peminat rompers n tight baby..

    haah..lagi 8more weeks ni..tak sabar dah lain sume takut bersalin..aku excited je rasa..scan doc ckp baby gal..tapi org ckp baby boy sbb perut aku tajam..tak tau lah..tgk je la kuar apa nanti..heheheh

  4. kalau baby gal best la..msti kiut..