Thursday, March 12, 2009

Its 7th month baby..

Last Wednesday..i went for 7month monthly pregnancy medical check up at An nur..i am a week late from the actual appointment..busy..busy...but most of all,waiting for salary time la kan..weird but true, this clinik pakar an nur did not accept credit card..huehu..wat to do,we pay cash rm180 every month for that..

at 29 grow very2 healthy..and she still a baby lovely baby zara..

we can even see her eyes blinking..the cute liltle nose..and my fav part is. she has my laling chin..hahah..small cute..cant wait to see the actual part pula..

mommy once again received the second kancing gigi shot this time..lenguh gila my arm for the whole days..and continue the next day for a small fever.. 29 as usual double her weight and length compare to last month..

her weight is 1.3kg and length 264mm..
a very good growing and gaining from her..mommy oso gaining another 2 kg..hahahah...but bettter than 3kg compared to last month kan.

tak kisah long as my baby healthty..

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