Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daddy naik pangkat!!

Congrates to daddy for his new more step to management level ..heheh
Mommy and baby so proud of u..clap clap clap..ur hardwork paid off at last kan..
so pas ni tak moo dengar lagi "malas nak g keje".."motivation down"..bla bla bla..
One month from now both daddy n mommy naik pangkat juga..naik pangkat to a parents title..
yeahhh...!!!..cant wait..cant wait..
Can both of us be a good parents?..iam sure we can..
BUT iam pretty sure its not that easy to raise a baby for a first timer like us la kan..lesson learned from our parents is the key that will guide us along the road..
Congrates to daddy once again..
p/s: mommy stuff yang daddy kena belanja sempena promotion ni: vintage gown & nursing bra....


  1. thanks shikeen..daddy naik pangkat..consider mommy taik tocang juga time shopping kan kan..hehehehe

  2. off topic.. smp ke sini dr sini...
    anyway, u leh dptkan nursing cover tu kat kedai chomelps.. sy bukan owner blog tu.. hanya nak tlg promote je.. huhu

    -mama emma-

  3. thanks mama emma..baru je order..plg muranh nursing cover in town..