Monday, April 20, 2009

Antenatal Class

En.Laling and i, went to antenatal class last Sunday at Hotel Resident Uniten. The class start at 7.30am until 2pm..

For me its really a must for a first timer like me to go to this kind of activities..Many interesting information that i gained fom this class..especially on how to deal with the contraction during labor..the breathing technique in order to reduce the pain..the other choices sthat we can opted during normal delivery..and also the correct way for breastfeed..

En.Laling is not excited as i am during that class..penakut..chicken up when he saw the pictures on how the baby coming out from mommy..hahhahah..macam mana lah En.Lalingku nak face the actual condition later ni..he's scared of blood..kang tak pasal2 pengsan in the labour room tuh nanti..

Oh ye..i never won any lucky draw contest before..but maybe this time i can said "rezeki baby"..guess what..for the first time in my life,i won the lucky draw during this class..yeahhhh..and yeahhh
and also a goodie bag from the organiser itself..

The class ended at 2pm.after having our lunch (around 3pm) at the hotel we straight back home..Me doing some house chores while daddy surfing the 4pm both of us dah exhausted gila and terus tido until 7pm..hahaha..its been such a long time for us not having this long napping ..bestttt gilaaa

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