Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Full moon of 36week

Goshh...i am full moon already this week..4 more weeks to go..or mb less..
i can deliver anytime now..up to my baby whether shes ready or not to come out..

Hospital bag for mommy and baby ... Done
Baby stuff and equipment... Done
Mommy confinement set... Done
Breastfeeding accessories... Done

Semua dah ready..just waiting for The Day je..mb tomorrow..mb next week..mb 2 weeks from now..or 3~4 weeks to complete the period of 40 weeks..
Cant wait to see this lilltle tiny tot ni..
But i wish she can wait until 14/ last teaching class in GMI..then u can come out..

but if i am lucky enough, baby can choose to come out on below date..hehehe
17/Mei ... Daddy birthday on 17/July
16/Mei ... Groom Reception on 16/Mac
19/Mei ... Mommy birthday on 19/Sept
20/Mei ... Coz 20 divide by 5 is equal to 4 (hehehe..bodo la tuh kan)

Tak kisah long ur healthy and chubby and chumil u can come out anytime u want..
Daddy pun dah free sket start from this hoorrayy hoorayy.. best tau if can have dinner date with daddy..

Oh ye..daddy bought mommy a present yesterday..hahaha...its not a nursing bra..not even a vintage gown..guess...
Its a Panasonic nya best nya..thank you en.laling...u wont heard me complaint about the hot weather in our room anymore after this..seronoknya ..

Feel my life is so complete already..i have a very flexible working hours job..i have a good husband..coming soon liltle tiny tot..a beautiful 2 storey house..and a air-conditioned lucky is that...syukran syukran...


  1. Sitiiiii i'm so happy for u too! =)

  2. thanks happy for my self oso..hehehe

  3. Can. quite easy..just look for 'blogspot templates', download the .xml file, apply in ur layout settings. try and let me know ok? :)

  4. Hi there :).
    Bloghopping and found your blog from cpm's ;pp

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  5. waaa yuda...dah tak lame lagi...mesti excited n happy plus nervoussss....isshh..tak lame pastu turn aku plak...gulpp..nervous gak aku ni..nanti kite bertukar2 experience ok..bestnye ade air cond baru..dahla skrg ni mmg musim panas...anyway, u take a very good care of yourself ok..kau tu menunggu hari je tu..

  6. yeay enjoy ur day before the cute little one pop out!!!!

    salam kenal!!