Wednesday, April 1, 2009

32weeks n counting

Yesterday, i went for 32week@8month pregnancy medical check up at An baby scan photo this time, as the baby hide her face and shes too big already for the doc to zoom in the scan photo. But of coz,me n en.laling saw her ears,head,hand,feet and her lilltle tiny fingers..the baby's head already went down..but not yet engaged to the baby still growing happily inside..still dont want to come out yet...

At 32 weeks, baby weight is almost 1.85kg..thanks god her weight development is normal.mommy dont want too small or too big baby ok..hehehe..if it too small,then mommy will be scare to nurse u..if it too big,then mommy will face a difficult time to get u please grow "just nice" for mommy ok...

But to my suprised,me gained another 3kg this time..sedih gila tau..dah already 76kg now..nak nangis..nak nangis..but doc didnt allowed mommy to diet,as baby need the nutrision to grow..takpelah,anything for u luv..daddy oso didnt want mommy to diet..daddy told me he will buy me a bicycle..and we can ride together with mommy can lose weight faster after deliver the baby..hahaha...daddy so baik kan..

Malas nak pk about my weight gain diet oso gain 2kg..tak diet pun gain malas la nak pk..lepas bersalin baru diet kawkaw..kata nak jadi hot mommy kan..kan..

Last nite i dreamt breastfed the so cute..her bulu kening is so thick n black..her hair oso thick..such a cutiey pie lil baby gal..hehehe..cant wait to see this tiny kickboxer nie..
En laling did ask me a question " Tak takut ke nak bersalin?..dah dekat da ni"..
i just told him.."not a chance i will feel takut..memang tak takut..excited n tak sabar adalah"..

Dunno why la kan i tak takut..mb not yet..mb i am really tak takut of delivering the baby..what i just hope, me n baby will be OK..selamat semuanya..sihat2 n gemuk2..ekekeke...

Current mode: sangat lapar..walaupun baru lepas makan 4pcs of IKO biscuit..

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