Thursday, April 16, 2009


This morning i woke up..i just felt tremendously frustrated over someone that i really love..feel like a huge stone is on my chest..i cant breath..i am really upset..

Sometime its easy to say "i understand"..than to really understand what is goin on..
Sometime its so easy to say, "Kesian"..than to really feel the word kesian is..
Sometime its easy to say, "iam scared that..."...than to feel really scared of the worst condition that can happen..

Seriously its not easy being a 34week pregnant lady..but i never complaint much.nor did i mengada2 merajuk tak tentu pasal.i dont want my baby be a cranky baby later on..
i just want have a nice simple life towards my third semester..and safely deliver my baby...

Is that too much??

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