Monday, July 13, 2009

The journey to welcome Baby Mia to the world..(cite dah basi)

baby mia fall asleep mommy has a tiny time for herself to update her blog. ok..lets enjoy the journey to welcome baby mia to world.

Thursday night 28/Mei 11.30Pm
I still felt a bit uncomfortable down there..but i dont know whether it is a sign for a labor or not.So i just ignore the pain and asked En.Laling for my good nite kiss..then both of us having our ZzZzzZ..

Friday 29/Mei/09 2.00am.
I was awake by a sudden urge to the toilet..i settled my business and tried to continue my sleep..but then after 5 min, the urge come went to toilet for a second time.. Maybe i have stomach pain due to anything i ate i still dont think its a sign yet and tried to sleep..

Friday 29/Mei/09 3.00am The pain come once again..and this time its struck i told En.Laling about the pain. En.Laling as usual cuak tak tentu pasal..and ask me to go to clinic to confirm.. me pula mmg not so sure whether it is the time or it just a regular stomach i told en.laling to wait for tomorrow. both of us sambung our zzzzzz

Friday 29/Mei/09 5.00am
the pain now comes every 3omin..confirm its The day.i woke En.Lalin and told him its the time for us to go to the hospital.i have my shower and suddenly there is a bloody sign at my panties.the contraction now comes every 20min.
i drank the Siti Fatimah water..and boiled telor ayam kampong for anergy to push the baby.
on ye..mommy sempat lagi make up kaw kaw b4 g hospital..yelah..i want baby to see her mommy pretty maa..first impression its important kan..heheh

Friday 29/Mei/09 6.00am
We arrived at the hospital and due to the bloody sign..the nurse asked me to change my cloth and get myself ready at the operation room. still not yet..erghhhh...opening only 1cm..and i have to wait for at least 8-9more hour to deliver the baby.

Friday 29/Mei/09 8.00am
its too slow..only 1.5cm after 2hours of waiting at the Chempaka ward.dah siap breakfast dah.pain now come every 15min.make up dah takde in below photos..hehehe..tahan sakit tau..mestilah peluh2

Friday 29/Mei/09 10am
me once again went to operation room..and guess what after 4hours of waiting ..oni 2cm..and the contraction now come every 10min..and its already unbearable..rasa mcm nak tercabut badan ni..siyes tak tipu sakit..i told hubby how sakit it was..baru 2cm and i dah tak tahan lagi dah..
Doc Kamsiah then advice me to have an epidural..sbb lambat lagi.. and the pain already come every 10min..
i just say whateva that can reduce the pain..walaupun b4 this i plan to have a no drug labour..tapi apakan daya..sakitnya tembus sampai ke tulang dah..heheh..
If anyboody asked me how the contraction pain is..i would say macam nak mati...
after getting the magical more pain..seriyes worth it to pay rm3k for that..
i happily doze off until 2pm..and the doc come and told me that im ready to deliver the baby..full opening..

Friday 29/Mei/2.30pm
hubby come to operation room after having his jumaat prayer.he told me that my parents already outside..
doc Kamsiah once again check me down there..there is a full opening but baby belum fully she asked me to wait for another one more hour..huhu..ok..wait..i dont mind to wait sbb tak sakit langsung..hahaha
Friday 29/Mei/09 3.30pm
Its the day and its the time..4 nurses are around me as a pom pom hubby its alwiz by my side..and the doc...push..notin..push again..notin..seriesly the pom pom girl is so menyakitkan hati..they asked me to push hard..they asked me to meneran..they asked me to geram..they so annoying..i did push as hard as i can..not that i dont want the baby to come..but i just cant..dah buat sehabis boleh..sehabis tenaga..hubby said i can..siyesly if i can la kan..dah lama baby keluar..but baby still stubbornly dont want to come out yet..

Friday 29/Mei/09 4.00pm
Doc Kamsiah told me,they cannot wait anylonger as the baby is too long inside..and my water already broke since 10am..taknak baby they decide to vaccum the baby..uwaaaa...wateva what u have to do and save my baby..

Friday 29/Mei/09 4.07pm
with one push..and the help from the vaccum thingy,,Damia Zahra is poped herself out from me...
alhamdullilah...sakit gila..i told hubby cukuplah sorang anak kita..
and today baby mia dah 44days pun..growing healthily n chubbyly with mommy's milk.

gila berminyak muka gue kan..sakit ok..sakit gila..hehehe..


  1. ohh..mmg..labor pain adalah sakit yg tramat2 sakit yg xleh didescribe dgn words..everytime contractions dtg, rasa nk ptus nyawa..bernafas pn x ckup udara smpai kene bantuan oxygen tau..i pn smpai rs cukup la sorg anak dulu wat masa 2-3 years br la rs nak ada baby balik sbb cm dh fobia dgn sakit tu...huaaa...! btw u took epi eh..? I x amek epi on sbb cm x smpat...btw congratz on ur newborn...anak kita lbh kurg je umurnya..beza dlm one week gitu.. yeayyy..nt leh ah Harriz dating dgn Mia.. =)

  2. siap smpt mekap tu dlm dok sakit2x...hisy...mmg masa sakit tu rasa mcm ckplah sorang anak jer kan tp bila tgk baby yg chomeyl terus rasa nk tambah anak hihihihi

  3. sempat la mummy mekap? hahahaha..comelnyee mia..

    Alhamdulillah da selamat pon..

    enjoy the sleepless nite dear..hahahaha.

    *hugs for mummy + mia*

  4. Hahaha u punya experience sama laa cuma i kejap je sakit and no epidural. Jam 1 pagi dah bocor tp tak sakit, jam 2 induced .. jam 6 Anis Manis dah keluar. Bab meneran tu yg tak reti. I rasa i dok berlakon nak beranak je atas table tuh. Keluarnya tidak. Last Dr. vaccumed. tapi tak la sakit mana. time jahit pon tak sakit apa. lepas beranak pon ok. Tp time contration mmg sakit nak mati.

    Hubby kata dia yg banyak putus urat sebab i pegang tangan dia kuat sangat.

  5. fuiyooo..siap buleh modelling lg dlm labour..hehehehe...

    i tak sakit time labour, sakit sejam after labour lepas edi wears off. siap buleh gelak2 & buat lawak kat doctor time doctor stitch me up lg..kui kui kui..hubby siap leh makan kfc time tunggu i open from 6cm to 10cm.

  6. eh dh besalin ke..huhu..tahniah la ye!!
    enjoy your breastfeeding moment!!

  7. make up tuh penting..heheh..tapi sia2 je..sbb 10jam tunggu si kecik kuar..habis dah cair..ekekek

  8. mmg labour pain is indescribable! but after we have our baby in our arms, the pain is all gone. it's worth it la..

    omg.. i miss dr. khamsiah. she's my doctor too! i suka sgt die, dielah yg byk bg semangat kat i masa i terguling2 tahan sakit. she told me to take epidural awal2, tapi i xmau, last2 dah sakit 24hours baru tercarik2 epidural.. heheh. i salute sgt dgn dr. khamsiah, she waited for me to deliver lama sgt.. pagi2 buta siap standby smpai menguap2.. tq doctor. everyday masa aleesya tido i bisik kat telings aleesya, besar nnt jadi dr. sakit puan tau.. mcm dr. khamsiah.. =)

  9. mak ai.. epidural smpi RM3k?!! aku ari tu pon amik epidural gak, tp free la. heheheh... :) blk msia nnt kene byr la kalau nk epidural.

  10. lina,
    i awal2 dah setuju amik epi..walaupun memula dulu yoyo je takmoo drug..sakit tak tahan..

    epidural+vaccum+ward sekali rm3k ..
    hospital government takde pun epidural..
    private je ada

  11. yuda,
    alhamdulillah semuanya selamat. aku haritu amik drugs biasa cucuk kat bottom je hehe :p

    ko mmg hot mama la, sempat lg sakit2 tu bermekap bagai hehehe.. ;)

  12. tembamnyer bb damia zahra..nama pun sedap..untung u dpt rasa sakit..saya ni even dah induce pun tak sakit..doktor kata soo kebal..hahaha