Monday, July 27, 2009

60 Days

Its been 60 days already since i gave birth to my lil tiny tot baby Mia.60 wonderful days of me being a started with such a hectic life for me to deal..and i can say it still hectic right now..iam still adapting myself to this new motherhood life..

Last Friday i sent baby Mia to nursery with such a heavy heart.and as expected i cried like a baby..she look at me with a sad face..mb she was begging me not to leave her all alone that day.but mommy had no choice mia darlin..i would give everything in this world just to be with her...i send her on 9am..and pick her up at 1pm..hahah..dats the most longest 4hours that i ever had..the longest separation of me and my mia think back..i've been together with her for almost 1year already.10month shes in my tummy + 2 month of confinement period.

Today i send her again at 9am and pick her up at 12.30pm..uwaaaa...i keep thinking about boobs hurt whenava her feeding time..konon nak tunggu until 1pm..but 30min rasa macam 30 hours..i miss her so much during that 3 hours.

Tomorrow i will start working..thats mean i have to leave her from to deal tah la..i try to get back on lunch time to feed her...i will do everything just to be with her..

Now i uunderstand why my mom is alwiz worried about me..dah besar ..dah kawin..dah ada anak pun she still lidat..its totally not the same during cintan2 time with out sweet heart dulu..dulu konon cakap i cant live without you la..i miss u la..i care for u la..i love u..(i still do en.laling..dont worry..heheh)
but when u have ur own baby...its 100000000000000000000000000000x the feelings tuh toward her..

Lucky me who change my engineer status to a lecturer now..i cant imagine if i still work in Sony. I will work until night with mia will oni see her mommy daddy the latest 9pm everyday..kesian kan..
now im a i do have a lot of time for her..i can go back to feed her during lunch time..i can go to work on 11am if i dont have mornig class..and i can go back on 1pm if i dont have evening class..good huh..
and im so thankful for that


  1. huaaa...jeles...dpt bf baby..dpt stay dgn dia slalu.. =(

  2. whatever u r feeling is normal for new mom. I faced the same thing, heavy heart but i didnt cry. I was too busy at work, cuma akan tetibe ingat anak bila boobs menyengat. dalam hati "oh time miya minum susu la", so cepat2 i pegi pam sambil tgk gambar my little one.

    the 1st week tu, mmg slalu la i blk on time. takde nak stay back buat kerja. kalau ada something urgent, ku bwk balik..kuikuikui

  3. salam...dah nak start keje eh..take care ye?ok lah tu tghari dah leh balik kalao takde kelas.. :)

  4. good 4 u bila dh jd lecturer kan? kalo still jd eng, kene ngadap kije takleh curi2 balik utk bf dia mcm skrg kan? baby mia will definitely appreciate her mom's effort on providing th best for her :)

  5. wah sonok kalo dpt blk lunch hour..... lucky ur offc x jauh dr umah....

  6. hye,slm knal.kite suke bace blog2 yg ade baby nih.almaklumla,bby sndri lum kuar lg.kite jd follower yek.
    singgah sni kalo free :)

  7. Yuda, i am jealous. I wish I can spend more time with my baby girl too. Huhuu..

    Anyway, pos lg gamba Mia banyak2 ok ;)