Tuesday, July 14, 2009

After 44days

This week of freedom..mommy start to cook again.to tapau food outside is a big no for mommy coz no one will watch over baby mia at home.
so for lunch mommy try to masak sesimple yang boleh..

Below meal for mommy..heavy gila kan..fried rice with rice..and nugget and tomota honey..nyum nyum..

Below meal pula for daddy..nugget+fries+eggs+tomato honey and cabbage..lazy bump punya mommy kan..
takpe..asal kenyang cukup..

baby mia kan..kejap org cakap rupa mommy..kejap org cakap rupa daddy..tapi baby mmg ada 1000 face kan..it change everyday..

so..what do u think guys..mommy or daddy looks?..
my mom ckp,kalau baby gal better rupa daddy, if boy better rupa mommy..murah rezeki nanti..heheh..
tak kisah la rupa sesapa kan..asal sihat cukup..


  1. amboi teruja nye tgk mknan tue...meleh air liur org dlm pantang nie

  2. oh sangat menggoda ye makanan2 ituuu!! aaa..!

  3. yuda,
    for now ada rupa daddy dia la.. my neighbor duk depan rumah chinese, dia pon ckp kalau girl ikut rupa daddy banyak ong! haha