Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mommy love you to bit

I will start working on next Tuesday(28/July). Thats mean baby mia will be in nursery with all the strangers we decide to send her over tomorrow..kena practice la dulu..

But tonight mia mcm fhm2 je that she will be stay in nurserry without mommy tomorrow..she wont sleep at her crib..letak je nangis..mommy dah pangku since 8pm tadi..and up untill now 11pm she still at mommy's lap...

sedih ok leave her with all the stranger who doesnt even know how to stop her to sing for her to sleep..(here come the tears)..but i dont have any choice..if i didnt start to train her tomorrow..then bila lagi..
only god know how much i love her..

i pray..i pray hard for all the nursery peeps will take care of my baby...its not necessery for them to love her as much as i do..but its good enough for them to be able to feed her well(jgn biar baby tersedak),to make her sleep..and to stop her cry..(tears..tears.)

Will baby mia miss her mommy tomorrow (i know i do)..
sedihla kan..tell me mommies,where all of u get the strength to leave ur child with the stranger??

oklah,takmoo citer sedih2..lets talk about daddy 28th celebration on the19/july..just the three of us celebrate daddy befday..
nyumnyum cupcakes from shidalan to add the merrier..hehehe..
Daddy n Mommy love u to bit ..

'Happy Befday dear daddy"..hope lucky 28 this year bring us happiness..big money and good health..
mommy and mia loves you su much..muahsssss..


  1. sabar je la yuda.. itu la realiti utk mommy2 yg bekerja.. klu xde sedara yg duk dekat2, baby kena la hantar kat nursery ke sitter ke.. doa2 la selalu semoga baby mia sentiasa selamat bile kat nursery n org2 yg jaga dia tu semuanye amanah.. jgn sedih2.. lama2 nnt ok.. cheer up!

  2. i'll pray for u too..hopefully dorg jg Mia sebaik mngkin..dun worry, k..? kang xleh keje lak tringat dia..(i sedap je nasihat org kan..)..ekekee..

  3. i'allah.... kalo org tu ikhlas jaga ur baby.... mia will be ok.....

  4. Risaukan kalau kena letak our baby kat nursery.. but what to do.. takkan nak bawak gi keja kan? that is why I wish, klu boleh masukkan my lil daughter dlm perut balik.. hahaha.. take care n good luck dear.. hope everything ok la..

  5. sab yg lama lg cuti nie pun dah sedih2 je bile terigt nk tngglkan dia nnti...rania mak sab jg,tp still sedih nk tngglkan dia..nie pun sab nk extend cuti smpai raya,lps raya br msk keje blk...

  6. i guess its totally difficult for all mommies for the 1st time..tapi lama2 insya Allah mommy get stronger and so do baby :)

  7. What a beautiful baby girl (: (:

  8. cepatnyaa.. dah kena masuk ofc balik..

  9. cute baby ♥

    first time sure suma akan rasa mcm tu..
    especially dh 2 bulan berkepit ngan our baby..

    so u kena tabahkn hati..insya-allah sumanya akan selamat