Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not Yet..

ughhhhh..still not the time yet..this tiny lil tot still not yet ready to come out..Still no sign for the baby's head to get engaged still growing happily and mb comfortably in mommy's tummy..

mb 39w..and mb 40w..i already wait for 9 mos why not another two week..

In 38week, baby already weighted about 3.2Kg..(increased around 400g since last week) estimately by 39week, baby will weight around 3.5kg..and if baby want to wait more, at 40 week she will be a healthy 3.8kg baby..erkkkk...!!!...dont grow too big la baby..mommy want a natural birth for u..

Mommy pula as usual still keep on gaining her weight..shes now at...78Kg...uwaaaa....(dah naik 20kg dah ni)
sometime rasa depressed juga thinking of this number..can i get my pre-pregnancy weight again..??..but i just cant help myself eat..asyik lapar je keje..
after the check up, mommy feel a bit stress out.. nape baby still not ready to come daddy as usual be mommy's superhero la kan..hehehe..he took mommy to Ikea...window shopping je..saja from the doctor to cepatkan bersalin is banyakkan berjalan n banyakkan stimulate the nipple..
As usual,kalau pergi Ikea sure i wont miss this meatball..hilang stress add the fat, mommy order this Daim choc cake..yumm yumm..camner berat tak naik kalau makan cam gini kan..heheh

Oh ye,mommy n daddy this week happy sgt sebab got new fren at home..his name is Kerry..age about eyes ,short leg with a big tummy..hahahah..we took this cutiey from my MIL.saaja amik kejap,konon nya to temankan mommy at home while daddy working late at night..and maybe this kitten can alihkan sket mommy mind's from keep on thinking bila nak bersalin..bila nak bersalin..

And its work tau..this kitten entertained us so well..and he so manja too with daddy..melampau2 tido sampai ke tengkuk kan..heheheh..

I dont know if i manage too take care of Kerry after the baby come ..heheheh..skang ni ok lagi la to clean the kandang,to bath him and to fed him..pasni my responsible will be 100% focus to my luv mb mommy have to send back Kerry back to MIL house..but tak sampai hati pula..hurmmm...baru 2 hari jaga dia..dah rasa sayang kat dia..hurhurhu...we will see la later la kan..

Oh ye,congrates to Che' Rosie for her new jobbie..hope she will find her happiness there...gambate kudasai babe!!


  1. dah bersalin nanti sms aku ko pun suka kitty ker?..aku pon baru2 ni jer amik..mmg best bleh main2 dgn depa..hehe

  2. dulu sukala..tapi masa tuh suka main2 ngan dia je..berak sume mak aku yang setelkan..hahaha..skang ni,aku risau gila kalau kucing ni berak dlm aku mmg make sure aku nampak kucing ni depan mata aku..kalau dia dah start nyorok bawah2 meja..sure aku masuk dlm sangkar dia balik..heehe..mcm tak sanggup sangat nak bersihkan poops dia..hahahah..

  3. hehe i pon sukeeee daim cake tu!! so yummy ...alamak tetiba teringin plak...hehe i link urs too..salam kenal :D

  4. kan..tak manis sgt..alamak..mcm nak g makan lagi pula..sian kat mak buyung ni..ayik keje nak makan je skang ni,,heheh

  5. ooo waiting for the greatest moment in your life ke?/ be ready for it.. u'll gonna miss it after some time.. good luck ok.. moga Allah permudah kan kelahiran.. and moga baby nanti sihat, comel dan bijak!!

  6. salam..... owh tgh tggu masa ek!!! take care....