Thursday, May 21, 2009

My super 39week...

Whats more to say..i am still pregnant..and at least 7 more days until my due date
noting more to do at more outstanding jobs at office..waiting for the day while doin kan
best gila jadi full time housewife ni..

At 39 week,im still strong and fat..heheh..still can go shopping..and doing house chores like moping,gardening,cooking,cleaning,doin loundry, etc etc..not forgetting mommy kitten task kan..

Iam so glad that i dont have much complications during this pregnancy..hopefully it will still be good during my labour time..and the day onwards.

Last Tuesday i picked up my younger sis at KLIA, then we stop at Putra Height to pick up our darling Pisha for shopping...yeah..we went to The Summit later that day.

Having lunch at Sushi king...yummylicious la since by sister belanja kan..heheheh
My sis pun pelik, why im not like any others preggy mommy..why i can walk the same speed like her..and didnt even ask to stop every 15min to rest...i just told her, i have the super mom power already..hahah..we jalan2 from1pm until tak penat pun,just my feet je a bit swollen..

Tomorrow Friday (22/Mei) is my next check up at An nur..hopefully..this time will be my last check up..hopefully baby is already engage at the right positions..hopefully baby is ready to come out..and hopefully i will bersalin tonight..hahahah..ok folks..i will update more about my 39week check up tomorow aite..


  1. wahh 39 weeks. takot kan? luckily my dotter decided to pop out early. tak sempat nak takot takot.. tau tau je dah terbukak 4 cm.. masa tu br 35 weeks.

    Take care!

  2. mesti dah tak sabar kan nak tunggu nak tunggu baby kuar kan kan..kau mmg super mommy la..good luck k..bile la baby aku nak kuar ni..

  3. hehe time ni mmg tak sabar sgt nak tunggu baby ckp baby first mmg lambat skit..afif kluar 3 days earlier than EDD

  4. i'm in my 38th weeks 4days dan sangat2 tak sabar tunggu baby keluar. i pon macam u...leh jalan gi merata2 lagi..hehehe..sbb org ckp makin byk bjalan, makin senang nak melahirkan. sigh..i wonder bila la both our baby nak keluar kan?

  5. takper la huda maybe baby ko suka stay inside her mummy's womb...hehe..

  6. seandainya x bsalin lg.. nie nak share pengalaman sikit..


    dlm pjlnan ke hosp tu, (kalau dah rasa nak bsalin la..) make sure mkn byk2 utk kasi tenaga... kite dulu mkn sikitttt sgt... mmg rasa lemah giler.... tp nasib baik dpt la jugak push baby....

    -mama emma-

  7. All the best to you! And yes, I do agree. Ultimately, I think the best job is being a mom/homemaker (:

  8. best of luck on ur tummy bursting journey..hehehe...doa2 u have short labour.