Monday, October 17, 2011

Why cannot?

Nampak gaya macam update blog seminggu sekali ye.Itupun tanpa gambar.
Busy mode with study..classes and darlin Mia.
Hubby is again off to Korea last week and this week from Korea he will fly to Japan directly.
Safe trip daddy.We miss you so much.

Mia masih lagi jadi drama queen.
Menangis macam apa kalau apa yang nak tak dapat.
Mommy pula memang kalau dah pujuk 2-3 kali tak layan, memang saya buat tak tahu je.
Nangis lah sekuat hati.
Bila dah penat ,tahu pula dia carik mommy.
Then baru saya bagitau dia " Mommy dont know what you want if you cry like that, next time please talk properly..tell mommy what do you want ok"
Then she nodded her head and tell me what she want..but the next time she will do it all over again.

Another 11 more days she will be 2 years and 5 month...
7 more month before she hit 3 years old.
And 4 more month she will officially entitle as a big kakak.

She achieved so much already..and i can say how proud am i as a mommy.

She can speak very well now...70% in English. 30% mix with Malay
She knows colors ...Blue,brown,white,black,green,red,pink,orange and yellow
She know shapes ..Triangle, Square, circle, rectangle, love, diamond
Sudah hafal number (1-20) and ABC..but belum 100% kenal lagi with the letters and numbers.
She can sings so many songs already ...
She love to dance..
She love to pretend play with her baby doll.
She love to play with block..ohwww..i think she will grow up as an architect.

What else should 29old month baby should achieved eh?
I think thats more than enough kan..

Ohh..Mia now sangat suka bertanya..tanya itu ini..she want to know like everything.
And her favourite question now is "why cannot..."

"Mommy, why cannot open this door"
"Mommy, why cannot do like this"
"Mommy, why cannot watch story ni"
"Mommy, why people throw sampah here"
"Mommy, why cannot color floor"
"Mommy, why people put tree here"
"Mommy, why Mia cannot wear make up"

and many more soalan yang amat sukar sekali untuk di jawab..
Oh Mia darlink..Mommy sayang kamu sangat2.
Miss her at school already now.

Kaylah you when i have time to write ok.

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  1. mia mmg bijak..

    p/s : mummy... share tips cmne nk ajar die kenal colors n shape secara mudah.... malikha tgh nk blaja.... tq mummy for sharing :)