Friday, February 20, 2009

Trip to TATI Terengganu

I will go to Terengganu today due to the robotic seminar in TATI tomorrow.hurmm...i will leave laling at home for 3 days and its really killing me now..i never go anywhere without him since we got married 11 month sure im gonna miss him alot..huehue..sedih ok..

Tetiba rasa mcm taknak pergi je..argghhh tak sanggup ..tak think that i have to sleep alone think that no one will massage my back when i have a back pain or leg cramp in the middle of the think that no one will play with my comes the tears..sobsobsob

above is the photos of me preggy at 7 month posed with laling's new bike..yup, you can hardly see the tummy coz of very poor lighting plus with my old sony's camera..
Laling told me, his bike is the love of his love in 2nd of coz in first ranking..but when baby come , me will turun pangkat be the 2nd and bike be the 3rd..cheh..tak adil sungguh..he will alwiz be my no.1 will alwiz come next..why me kena downgrade pulak...

laling, take care tau..jangan malas mandi ..nanti sampai tati i leh bau u..heehhe..miss u and love you so much...see u in monday..

p/s laling is on his bike riding to Bagan Lalang today..and me while waiting for my "driver" to pick me up to terenganu i wrote this shahdu2 post..uwaaaa...

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