Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Longkamara Mommy.. *not*

Iam not the type of mom who like to shout or marah2 to my kids.
What I did was to just keep quite or give them a silent treatment wheneva they are not in control.
But this few weeks..
I have night classes to teach.. My husband was away for businesstrip
Full classes Morning and afternoon.
Toys business to handle.
And all this make my "blood always go upstair" everytime they threw tantrum in the house..
Im not being myself anymore..
I scold Mia most of the time ..
I will scream whenava adik climb the stairs..table.. and sofa..
 Iam like the angry lion chasing for the victims to eat in the house..
Until Mia come to me and said..
" Mommy I got a new name for you"
Whats that?
" It mean Mommy always angry to Mia..so that's why mia call mommy Longkamara"
What the hell on earth is Longkamara?
Long= Panjang?
Ka= short form for suka?
Mara= Marah?
Mommy suka marah panjang panjang?
I want to cry.. *NANGES*
Menyesal tak guna..Nasi sudah menjadi bubur..Bubur sudah masak.
Iam not gonna be this Longkamara mommy anymore..
Its payback time..
Ok lets jom Mia... This Friday..
You and Me
Having Mommy-Daughter together.
So sape nak playdate with us?

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