Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anak anak

In 5minute they can be best friend to each other..and the next 5 minte they can hate each other just like dat.


They can be this sweet with each other.


Try try lah juga pakaikan diorang with matching matching outfit.
Tapi susah la..color lebih kurang samaje boleh.

Sama sama active.
Sama sama melasak.
Sama sama pulun tak ingat

Apa pun kakak buat..adik tetap pengikut setia..
ikut je apa kakak buat.

Anak anak saya yang paling comel..
yang paling cantik..
Dear love of life..
One day u will find that each of you annoy each other,
One day you may feel that you deserved much better  brother/sister.
Please remember..that you are sharing the same type of blood.
You came from the same source..the same oven..
Mommy love you so much..


  1. masa makan, kongsi
    tapi bila datang takmo tagteam tu
    mmg gadoh sokmo
    tak smpai 5min
    dh baik
    kita la dok beria2 terkejut beruk tetiba dgr berebut brg la, gaduh la.
    anak - anak

  2. mia makin besar..makin ayu la beb....