Monday, July 22, 2013

Ma big boy turn 18month

Happy 18month darling sugar candy.. My sweet sour lolly. Mommy love u soooo much.

More and more vocabs from him already.eventho a little bit "pelat" here and there.. But its better than nothing.

He just recovered from a very bad cough. Rejected formula milk for a month and dropping some weight poor baby.. Luckily he still want to eat rice+soup.. So tak risau sangat.

He adore his kakak so much..and will folow whateva kakak is doing.this including some of the princess thing ya. Thats worried me.. But thanks god that he is super lasak and proove me that he is man enuff to survive from all the pinky2 things in the house.

Love u baby..and love ur kakak too..

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  1. My last visit here was when Umar Dani was few months old. How time flies :D