Tuesday, June 19, 2012

so nice of u

on the way to mia's school this morning,we passed one extremely very big and pretty house.

mia: mommy nak house like that tak?
mommy: yes..but its very expensive.mommy dont have money to buy one

mia: nanti mia big,mia go to work,mia got so many money.then mia buy for mommy k

mommy: so nice of u..thank you baby

mia: welcome..daddy sleep outside bcoz daddy messy messy house.
mia and mommy sleep inside big room.mommy hug mia.

*oh anakku sayangku mia..u make mommy so sad..but trust me baby..when u grow older,u will find someone else that will hug u during u sleep.at that time u dont need mommy to hug u anymore..
if only u will give mommy a room to sleep with daddy in ur extremely big and pretty house its more than enuff..
saddd...bergenang air mata plz*

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  1. So sweet... tapi bila kita pikir masa depan yg bakal ubah segalanyer... sayu jugak kan...

  2. kan? sedih bila kenang anak makin besau..dia akan tinggalkan kita, xde sgt nk manja2 dah. :(