Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 3 Activities (39th week Mommy)

January : Week 3


1. Fine motor skills activity


2.0utdoor activity (everyday if weather ok)

The main reason mia susah nk ajak blk petang2.

3. Plants watering
sudah menampakkan hasil


4. Iqra' with opah sarah


5.Caloring activity

6. Teacher-mama slot with me.

Will try to make another post about this later

7. Free outdoor activity..aka tiru perut mommy

basah kuyup dgn peluh

Laga2 perut lagi


8. Tulisan Khat


9. Liltle Einstein Activity

10.Junior Masterchef : Making sirap bandung

Put sirap first

Then put susu

Then put water

Stir all the ingredients together



11.Show andTell

Its Mia's turn and she brought the donkey and the cat.

showing off her toys


12. English class withe Teacher Rsjesh


13. Teacher mama slot with mama irfan-irdina
Art and Craft activity

Everybody happy with their sun..

So many activities kan...

Mia suka mommy setuju.

But i think this will be her last week at school.

Mommy dah 3cm opening.

Mia kena teman mommy berpantang kat kampong ya.

You will see all ur friends back in March.

Syukur Lil Arjuna bagi mommy chance habiskan exam.

Good boy my lil fighter.

If there is no more post after this,mean saya dah bersalin lah tu.

Doakan ye mommies for both baby and mommy in a good heathy condition.

Cant wait to see my Dragon Baby.


  1. x sabar nak tgk baby baru akk.. alhamdulillah.. sempat akk habis kan exm! =)

  2. babe...muge semua dipermudahkan!!!..

    banyak betol aktiviti dak mia nih....seronok sgh....


  3. congrats on ur newborn dear..sory i lambat transfer payment..anyway, selamat berpantang..