Thursday, January 12, 2012

The reason why she loves her school so much

Remember my previous entry on Mia's 2012 school.

Dah week 2 already..and i can say she heart her school so much.

Mommy lain berproblem dengan anak yang nangis taknak go to schoolkan..

Me myself pula problem on Mia yang refuse to go back house.

Each and singgle day i have to wait until 7pm for her outdoor activities.

Itupun still nangis2 tak nak balik.

Nak tau kenapa she loves her school so much..

Jom cekidout some of the picture of her activities at school.

All the pictures ni i curik kat facebook school dia.


Ada Masterchef Junior activity.

(Week 2 : Bread and Jem and Raisins)

Letak Jem

Letak raisins

Fold the bread

Ready to eat..nyum nyum..

Sodapp..nanti buat untuk mommy satu k


Iqra Class by Opah Sarah.

This is every morning activity ye.

(9-10.30am individually)

Cekci anak mommy ngaji.


English class with Teacher Rajesh

Teacher Rajesh bawak mystery box yang ada 3-4 layers of wrapper.

The kids wait patiently to findout what inside the box.

Sambil tu Teacher Rajech will do some story telling to them.

*Ada lollipop ok dalam tu.

Pandai teacher Rajest attract the student attension.


Junior Masterchef

Week 1 :Making orange juice

Mia baru bangun tido..heheh

Fresh orange juice so masam..


Messy Play activity.

Week 1 & 2 : Dough


Dance class.




See..baru week 2 activity dah macam2.

Thanks god, i choose this school for her.

I hope she will develop well here.

As my activity with her at home dah terbatas sket.

Tak larat sangat dah skang.

Continue lepas bersalin nanti ye Mia.

Oklah nak continue study.

Esok paper no.2..

Alhamdulillah, baby can wait..

Another week to go baby..u can do it.


Wish me luck mommies!


  1. so much fun!
    patutlah mia x nak balik ekekekekekk

    all the best to you, mommy and can't wait to see the hero :-)

  2. yela, bestnye...
    ktne ni?btw gudluck dear...

  3. woww bestnye! serious best. untung la mia dapat school situ, susah nak cari kan school mcm tu. students sikit & teachers can focus. activity pun best2 :)