Monday, December 19, 2011

She is just 2.5 years old

Anak mommy yang cantik..

Sometimes i forget she just 2.5 years old.

Maybe because of her height and her size,she dont look 2+ toddler.

Maybe because of the words that came from her mouth everytime i had conversation with her..

She just like so big girl already.

Like this morning, when i send her off to school..we walk there btw.

(Having our natural Vit.D together)

Mia : " See mommy,thats Mia's shadow.And that one is mommy shadow"

Mommy: "Why mommy shadow and ur shadow keep following us"

Mia : "Because got sun mommy. If night time shadow will go to sleep"

See i told u guys..My baby is big girl already.She have the answer to almost everyting now.

On Sunday, as usual she will stay with daddy, mommy got master class to attended.Sian Mia and Daddy.

When i came back to our house that afternoon, Mia came to me and "mengadu" that she fell off from her chair at mamak stall during breakfast.

Mia: "Mommy, Mia fall down tadi"

Mommy: "Where? sakit or not?

Mia : "At mamam shop..Mia stand up on the chair than Mia fall down"

Mommy :" See..mommy told u not to stand up on the chair. Why u not listen"

Mia: "Mia listen mommy..but daddy forget to hold Mia hand.Thats why Mia fall down" not her fault then..everything not her fall..jatuh kerusi sbb dia panjat pun bukan salah dia..salah daddy sbb takpegang masa dia panjat.Boleh tak?

Oh anak..mommy love u so very much.

I never ever want to trade you with anything in the world.

If i got the chance to pick who will be my daughter..and thats will be you.
Alwiz you

She know that inside my tummy ada baby.

But iam not sure whether she will understand, that soon she is no more my only baby..She had to share me with her adik.

But iam pretty sure that my love to her will remains strong eventho she had 5-6 adik in the future.

She alwiz be my No.1 baby.

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