Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mia's 2012 school

Tak jadi masuk Appleking school ..sbb i just feel she is too small for real school.

And out of now where on early Dec, Mia's principal masa kat Taska Jari Kecil dulu, annouced that there will be TJK Return in Jan 2012.

But dah tukar nama ke Teachermama Junior Kindy.

Its a Home-based pre kindy for 3-5years old kids.

And its limited to only 10 students sahaja.

sound interesting already?

I trust the principal to take care of Mia .

As she did such an excellent job last time.

So let cekidout Mia's classroom for next year.

cantik and exclusive sangat..

Acceli i already paid Appleking registration last time (1k+) jugalah habis.

But that will be save for 2013 la.

Nasib baik tak burn or sumtin.

Means Mia dah 3+ nanti baru masuk Appleking.

As for know i know TJK will be the best for her.

The principal itself will be the main teacher.
Plus her mother will teach the kids Iqra'
And Madam Rajeshwari will teach them English.
Full package already.
I love the concept of this homeschool.
Home environment for the kids.
I love the concept of 10students only.
Tak ramai students so teacher boleh focus to each and everyone of them

I hope my decision this time will be the best for her.


  1. eh best la school ni..pandai u cari kan.. i think this is the best!!

  2. i just agree with u..i rasa ini agak bagus utk Mia..Bagus idea techer tu..xsabar nk tgk Mia school kt ctu.. :)