Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clarks shoes for sale

Last month Clarks ada buat warehouse sales.

Borong sakan la saya mensoping..saya beli 2 pasang wedges sendiri pakai, 3 pasang Mia's shoes and 1 pair sandal for daddy..

Total less than rm600.

Mmg gila murah.Patutlah orang sanggup beratur berjam2 untuk masuk.

My friend Roy ada beli shoes for girls size 2-3years old.

And she want to let go some of it.

So, if you guys interested to buy any of these shoes just contact my friend Roy.

Email her at

1. Clarks Appleshine

Color : White Leather.

Size : 7 UK, 24 EUR

RM90 (Postage included)

2. Clarks Mollyglitz

Color : Baby Pink Leather

Size : 7 UK, 24 EUR
RM75 (Postage included)

3. Clarks Meadowmist

Color: Hot Pink Nubuck

Size : 7.5 UK, 25 EUR

RM90 (Postage included)

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