Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Educational Toys to grab.

Panas2 lagi ni..

Actually all toys sampai since end of April.Tapi sbb too busy with exam, so tak sempat tak update.

So jom terjah

1. Rocking Balancing Bears (3+)

Stacking wooden toys

Description: Try to balance all the bears on top of the big rocking bears.

2. Gear Builder (2+)

Connection toys

Description: Connect and build the gears up to the creativity.

3. Puzzle Blocks (3+)

Wooden puzzle toys

Description : Match the base blocks with the shapes blocks.

4. Hen find Eggs (5-99)

IQ Logic puzzle

Description: Shuffle the hen around the board until there is one hen nesting on each eggs.

5. Baby tower (12m)

Stacking wooden toys

Description : Stacks and build the blocks in baby body shapes.

All 5 items in a very limited quantity.Restocks need one month duration.

So hurry and place your order to

First come and first serve basis ye..

For more details visit us at

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