Monday, May 23, 2011

Artzooka session in school

Taska Jari Kecil alhamdulillah dapat continue for at least one more year or more.

Doa ibu bapa anak2 kat sana termakbul.


I think ada buat post pasal Art Zooka Mia kat school haritu.

Tapi tetiba Nufnang ada problem..banyak juga post and comment terdelete.

Sayang la pula..

So just nak buat quick entry about Mia punya Art zooka session kat school last week.

Color-cut-and stick

Tak tahu nama apa..

Mia punya tak macam color pun..conteng lagi banyak..

Its soooka..still make mommy proud

The straw blow..

Nice one teacher

And Last Friday she bring this Fish back home.

Stick the colorful paper seem so fun kan..

Mommies boleh try ye..

I love art!

I love spending time with my dotter doing this kind of artzooka things..

But since amik master time is so so limited for her...balik kerja penat sangat.Wiken mmg pack dah.

Luckily the school take part in developmental activities ni..

Hopefully the Da Vince in her will grow bigeeer each day.

I dont have place to stick all the Mia's artwork yet..

But freezer and the fridge magnet will do for now.

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