Thursday, February 19, 2009

My first entry

This is my first trial of having a blog ..i am not sure how long this blog will survive,but i just hope that the journey will be always on the post. I am not a diary people, but i love to write.i have so many things thats on my mind that i love to share.So lets just the time tell..

I am now in my 27 week..times seem so fly so damn fast..i still remember the day me and laling went to clinic (Clinic Zalfah in Bandar Baru Bangi)during ramadhan last year. i had a slight stomach cramp..and the doc asked me to do the pregnancy test(yup..i pee on a stick)..the result is positive..yeahh!!!.. After 6 month of waiting, we are so happy to hear the doc told us that i am in my 5th week of pregnancy..

No word can pictured our feeling that time..the joyable so yeah..yeahh..and yeahh..hehehe...thats how happy we are..

Above is my baby at 5 month old..we can see the head,the hand,the leg and of coz the tummy..Shes still a very small todd..her weight is 282g and the height is 168mm. Yup a very active baby already..i can felt the kicking and the boxing whenava im lying down resting.

Eventho baby weight is only 282g..mommy already gained 3more kg this month...sobsosb..why why why..from 56kg before pregnant..i am not a big whale of 68kg at 5 month of pregnant.

At 6 month pregnant, baby had double her weight and her height..(still baby girl) shes about 575g and 210mm..and mommy as usual gained her weight more than baby.this month im scale myself at happy for baby to grow healthily inside of me but im just sad as i grow together with her..i cant accept myself to be this big as im just a skinny hot gal before..but ..everything for my baby.. week i will be 7 month preggy..and i am still growing..i try to cut down by rice intake this month. Try to eat less santan food..and just hope the best for baby..Mommy will alwiz do the best for her baby..Not only my figure i sacrificed for her but of coz my obsession on high heel. No more high heel more sexy me ...huehue...

Baby actively playing futsal inside of me..Even daddy can feel the kicking and the boxing already..Cant wait for 10 more weeks to come..

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