Thursday, February 19, 2009

My BP Medela Freestyle

BP=Breast Pump
As a working mommy i need to have a good BP to express milk for my baby.Yup, i already decided that i would fully breastfeed my baby until shes turn 2, since iam in my 4month pregnant. Thanks to my good fren Nabeelah who start this BF obsession for her baby.

After doing some researched on the internet, i decided to buy the best high end BP in the market. So i choose Medela Freestyle with a price of RM1700..I know its quite expensive..but a good things alwiz come with a price rite..once again, everything for my baby...

And i know too, it will be too much if i pay RM1.7K cash. Beside all the baby stuff that i need to name a few such as baby cot, stroller, car seat, etc..which of coz will need such a big money to buy them in one shot. So,for this best thing of BP, i joined this 'Freestyle Kutu' in order for 10 not so rich people to own this gadget..
I start this kutu since November 2008
Nov 08 : RM160
Dec 08 : RM160
Jan 09 : RM160
Feb 09 : RM240
Mac 09 : RM240
Apr 09 : RM130 (My turn)
May 09 : RM160 (My due date)
June 09 : RM160 (My pantang period)
July 09 : RM160 (My pantang period)
Aug 09 : RM160

Total all together is RM1730. So far so good. Cant wait for my turn to receive this BP.
Why Freestyle Medela BP?..If that a question that i need to answer will be as below

1. A very light gadget to carry around.
2. Double pump and hands free kit
3. Dual phase expression technology that is mimic a real baby sucking.
4. Chargeable battery like handphone.

And why i choose to fully BF for two years..easy question with an easy answer..No formula milk can be compared to mommy milk..Breast Milk will alwiz the best milk for baby. Plus i heard i can slim down fast if i BF my baby..heheheh..

I hope i can be the mom with milk..i hope i can expressed enough milk for baby. Baby would be more healthy and cleverer with breast milk compared to formula milk. I just hope i can be that type of mom. Eventho i know it will surely be tough for working mom to fully bf her baby. I heard complained from nabeelah on how her production became not so active lately. How stressed she was all the her determination make me so eager to become that type of mom.owhhh..cant wait ..cant wait..
Above is my laling and me at my 27 week preggy..see how bulat my laling as usual very the susah to take his picture...cant even look at the camera to give me the pose...

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