Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Iam gonna be just fine..

Have you ever did your loundry with your baby on?
Have you ever sweeping n mopping with one hand?
Have you ever cut tomato,carrot, chicken,fish etc etc while holding your baby?
Have you ever not taking any shower for the whole day due to your baby is too clingy to u?
Have you ever doin your business in the toilet while your baby watching you on her playpen?
I did all that already..

Mia had a trrible separation anxiety..she cannot be alone at all..not during her eyes open or her eyes shut..she will cry like mad wheneva i left her alone in the hall while me in the kitchen doin my stuff..

Mb some of you may ask why i cant do all those chores during mia's nap?
The answer is so easy..she can smell my present..
Once i woke up when shes already in her la la land..5 min later she will cried like mad..
My husband is not a big helper pun..and i really cannot complaint much on him..
coz he already too worn up after came back from office at 10pm.
Balik rumah..campak barang sana sini..sigh!mana lah tak bersepah..

With my messy house n too many chores to do in this house,,
sometimes i giv up to do it all by myself,.
i really in need for a maid..

Like yesterday,En.Laling clean underwear is out of stock..And it just make me a bad wife. I washed it already..but it still in the wahing machine..
On Sunday night pula,I planned to iron En.Laling uniform vest rite after i breastfeed Mia..
turn out i slept together with her..
Guess what it makes me when EL want to wear it on the next morning

I hate living in this messy house..but with Mia's present is so not easy to clean it up..
I havent sweep or mop my house for two weeks already.
Same goes to the toilet and the kitchen cabinet..
Its really not easy being me..
But i still survived..
and it still OK..
No matter how tired i was..no matter how stress it is.

Because of this face...

Because of this smile..

Because of this eyes..

Because of this nose..

I know im gonna just be fine..its hard now..n i know too its not gonna be easier later..
but i still survive..and its all because of u darling Mia..


  1. same here..now u know how i feel.. =)

  2. siti, reading this entry mmg terkena abis kt i... i soooo feel u. everything is just SANGAT SAMA with my condition now. plus, pasal hubby tu pun agak sama. S**Y mmg sentiasa meng'over'penatkan pekerja.. shian kan tgk dorang balik kerja penat2. in my case, my hubby balik keje kene jaga adzryl plak since im still at work. and our house is always in a mess! baca entry u ni... terasa mcm i sendiri yg tulis apa i rasa. *sigh*

    hope we'll become better wives & hope tomorrow is better day than today.. good luck to us! huhuhuhu.. *agak emo di situ* :P

  3. babe!! i penah poo poo with my damia!!!!...hahahahaha... horrible okeh!!!time tu my hubby takde & i dah tak tahan sgt.. so no choice... but she can still smile watching... LOL... :D

  4. i pun sama kak. terpaksa buat house chores during weekend! tu pun lps balik dr rmh in laws. weekdays penat gile la kan. kena ada my husband jaga nia, pastu i bersihkan rumah. sungguh tak efficient kan? haha.

  5. Mia cepat betul besar.. dah banyak ragam yer..hihihi... takpe.. pengorbanan ibu mesti Mia akan ingat bila dia besar nanti!

  6. Mia is a velcro baby!same as E-ein before, tapi sejak duk dalam walker ni dah tak berapa clingy coz she likes to jalan2 sekeliling rumah exploring things....its not a bad thing actually, it means she sees you as her primary carer...:) takpe, sabo je..me pun same, kadang2 berlambak kain bju, dah basuh, pastu tak terjemur2 , ade dlm washing machine eheh..kena bebel dgn hubby ngeh ngeh

  7. Dengan rasminya i nominate u jadi club president ibu-ibu tak cukup tangan. :P

    Heheheh take it easy, u piggy back je dia. Try pakai kain batik for one day or two dan jangan cuci MUAHAHAH@!~ pastu time dia tido selimot kan. Try berkemban guna kain batik tuh jugak instead of pakai jadi sarung. Kasi melekat semua BO kat kain tu. It might work who knows.