Sunday, November 15, 2009

They left me for 44days

As i expected..i cried like a baby on my parents departure date to Makkah.
Its so sad,knowing u will be apart from ur parents for quite a long time.
This year raya haji will be so bored without them..huhuh..i miss them both so much already.

This is my first time experienced sending someone to Haj. All of us gerak from Kuala Pilah to Kelana Jaya around was so crowded..lucklily My Darlink Mia behave like an angel dat day..we reached Kelana Jaya around 8pm.My parents registeration and briefing at 1am..and bus arrival at 4am..hurmm..such a long waiting that brother with 3 boys..(10yrs,6yrs & 3 yrs) sister with one girl (4years) and me with a 5month old baby..all kids so worn out and they slept bergelimpangan at the waiting area..

Oh 2cent of advice to anyone who will sent someone to Haj..dont forget to bring pillow and toto will be such a long day of waiting..

I missed this woman in black so much already..huhuh..dont you think my mom is so lovely..
Saya doakan,dipermudahkan oleh Allah segala urusan mereka disana..semoga mereka mendapat Haji Mabrur,di sihatkan tubuh badan dan selamat kembali ke pangkuan kami sekeluarga bulan depan..aminnnn...


  1. Semoga parents ko dpt haji Mabrur, insyaAllah. Dah tu si Mia lama2 kat airport tu tak cranky ke? Tido dlm stroller la kut eh hehe ;)

  2. insyaALlah haji mabrur....mia mmg gud girl..asal jalan..ada aircond..tido je.jelous betul....sabar k!!!nnti i blk i cheer u up heee

  3. insya allah parents kau selamat pegi n selamat balik serta mendapat haji mabrur ok..

    cantiknye romper mia ;) i like!