Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anak aku..anak aku..anak orang..anak orang

hehehe..wat a topic..punyalah gangster bunyinya..
But the topic did reminded me of this..
"Isteri orang ada intan belian..Isteri abang ada abang"
heheheh...Yup its from Nur Kasih story..and this tag line which make me fall in love with this drama..oni a few weeks ni je macam dah boring sket dat story kan..apsal tah..

Ok..back to my topic..i know most parents will start solid food for their baby at 6month..exclusively breastfeed for this whole 6month..Its the WHO issue kan..

Darlink Mia will turn 5month tomorrow..so fast so soon isnt it..and En.Laling and i already agreed to introduce Mia with Solid tomorrow...Reason?No reason at all..we just think shes ready for it..Her weight is good..means milk is so enuff for her..

New born 3.3Kg
1month 4.6kg
2month 6kg
3month 7kg
4month 7.5kg

Everything seems to be so edible for her..she will put everything in her mouth..which is very good sign for an active healthy baby..and i know too,all babies will do the same thing as her.. again this doest mean she need food or hungry or sumtin..even if we give her food to eat,she will still put things in her mouth..its their nature.

The oni one part that i cannot tahan is during we are eating in front of her..her saliva will came out..and she will make a chewing sign like shes really wanna taste it..

thats all..so dont judge us for anythin ok..we know the rules and again this is my baby that we are talking about..in short "suka hati aku la"..heeheh

During this five month time i plan to introduce her homemade fruit puree only..the schedule is as below
29th/Oct ~ 1st/Nov Apple puree+breast milk
2nd/Nov ~5th/Nov Pear puree+breast milk
6th/Nov ~ 9th/Nov Banana puree+breast milk
10th/Nov ~ 13th/Nov Avocado puree+breast milk
14th/Nov ~ 17th/Nov Pear+Banana puree+breast milk
18th/Nov ~ 21st/Nov Apple+Banana puree+breast milk
22nd/Nov ~ 25th/Nov Apple+Avocado puree+breast milk
26th/Nov ~ 29th/Nov Apple+Pear+Banana+Avocado puree+breast milk

Thats mean when she enter 6month of age..she will be ready for rice pula kan..same ingredient as above just added 2spoons of rice porridge..and blend them all together..
yummilicious ke yuckkylicous?
it doesnt matter..janji its a super healthy food..on ye i read on MamaMiya resipe she added Garlick oil in the porridge..just fried garlick in one spoon of olive oil and blend it together with all the ingredient..
Garlick is good for the antibody and olive oil is good for pooping..heheh..so must try items la ni..

At 7month..i will introduce her with vegies pula..then will be follow up with chicken+fish+meat..etc etc...
So what do you think mommies..This schedule meal for Mia is ok or not..any advice..any recommended?..


  1. Salam...klu minat nak beli CD tu, leh isi borang pesanan kat sebelah sidebar tu..mention nak wat payment dua kali...actually...iela x kisah..boleh book dulu n byr deposit..n iela simpankan.. so bila byr penuh nnt tertakluk pada harga yang da book bukan harga baru..jimat sikit..lgpun iela tgh open preorder gak..tp better cepat2 sbb takut org lain lak sambar..sbb iela once customer confirm nak beli..iela akan rekod..supaya x terbagi kat org lain..reply ASAP ye..

  2. Salam Siti. I've sent email to your yahoo account regarding the books at my blogshop => TheHoneybunch Marketplace. Please confirm ASAP. Thanks!

  3. Anak I, start introduce solid, I kasi brown rice segenggam ( 5 sudu kot) Ikan belis rebus deboned kasi licin! pilih yang besar! carrot selery dan bayam rebus dan blend.

    Dapat la semangkuk besar.


    Introduce baru tuh.

  4. yeayy mia dh makan.bes!

    aaa...btol la tu..nak kasi bape bulan pon terpulang pd parents.i kasi rayna makan masa umur dia 5mnths++ :D

  5. wafiq pun start mkn 5 mnth++. tp i start ngan cereal sbb itu yg senang nk hadam.... takut usus die blom well prepared.

    lepas ni mia musti lai bam bam pipi die kan!!

  6. Iela da reserve ye..harap jadi sbb da tulis kat blog book by you...huhuhu