Thursday, October 8, 2009


Thanks babe..for all your kindness advice..i tot iam the only one mommy who suffered with all the stress..turn up its normal for all us to feel that way..

Yelah with new responsibility as a mother plus with the "not so new" responsibility as a wifey to carry really not easy..

Just imagine for 26years iam my mothers'baby..i depend everything on her..doin my laundry..cook for me..clean up the house..etc etc....when i ready to work.. breakfast is already ready for me..when i get back to work..dinner already served on the heaven

i got married at the age of 27..and with a new house to handle..i just felt so restless..and after 6 month of marriage ive been bless with a tiny tot inside of me..10 month it comes my lil Darlink the journey of the restless life is non stop..penat..i have to handle everythig from with new baby..sape tak culture shock kan..

So what i can do for now is just to say alhamdullilah for everything..dari complaint tak sudah..dari ini tak kena..itu tak betul..sampai bila..

I complaint i dont have time for myself coz Mia tend to have her separation anxiety issue..
But to think about it..bersyukurnya saya sebab dikurniakan my Mia..orang lain dok tunggu sampai 4-5years still belum ada rezeki lagi..mcm mana kalau saya tak pregnant2 lagi..tentu saya sangat sedih..dok sorang2 kat rumah sambil tunggu En.Laling balik..balik kampung orang dok tanya bila..bila..bila..mesti saya tension juga..nangis bila period datang..takmoo la

I complaint En.Laling selalu balik lewat..complaint he dont spend much time with me and could i be that fool.. i used to work in Sony before..same department..same area..same bosses..i should know how stress it is..i should know how late the normal working period there...isk..i should be more understand..
Orang lain husband kerja kapal..lagi la pulak..3bulan tak En.Laling setiap malam pun dia balik rumah..

I complaint of En.Laling cycling activity..its better for hiM to have those activity..dari dia menggatal dengan perempuan lain..dari dia ada activity night clubbing..or etc..

I complaint i dont have time to clean up the house..i complaint iam tired...why should i..i work like half day everyday..imagin people who work 8-5pm everyday...they still alive..they dont complaint like i about if iam still in Sony..working from 9.30am tp 10pm can i be not so so grateful about that?

I complaint iam fat..but at the end i do have my darlink Mia to make my life a complete one eventho out of shape its noone to blame except for myself..

For that i feel so grateful of having my life rite now..i know i cant be that supermom..noone could ever be one..mesti ada salah silap here and there..mesti ada sedikit tak sempurn nya..
Nobody perfect...and i know now that iam not..

Happy Friday people..


  1. haha. husband u pn bike ke? husband i lg laa - biking, swimming, running, jamming. so far pandai arrange masa laa (or i yg xkisah sgt kot .. sbb i byk join activity dia). xpe laa as long dia xbuat activity yg bleh sakit kepala dah laa :)

    eh husband i dulu pn keje sony sblm join PTD..

    yup. bile bersyukur baru laa kita rasa happy. bile xbersyukur tu yg xhappy jek.
    so happy-happy selalu.

  2. heh. i sooo understand how u feel. esp part husband keje sony (grrr kt my hubby! :P).. part itu ini.. ohh mmg almost sama lah! well, u tc.. jgn stress2 ok.. :)

  3. hehe..i setuju yg part lebih baik husband u suka biking dr die suka carik pompuan's really husband pon workaholic dan hobby die lepas kerja suka exercise kat memang i pon dok sorg2 la dengan afif..but u can refer to my entry..on how to manage a superbusy husband..hehe dun worry k...most of moms mcm u jugak..kitakan manusia biasa..mane de yg perfect..

  4. sometimes we tend to feel like that..tapi alhamdulillah syukur kita mampu tersedar betapa bertuah nye diri kita berbanding org lain kan..